What is self-care? How to choose the right self-care for your need of the moment?

Self-care has been the talk of the town since the pandemic but during these tough times, people got the opportunity to question their lives and reflect internally. A moment of reflection to analyse where their lives are heading versus where they want it to go?

Sometimes self-care is “to apply sunscreen before stepping out” other times, it’s about recognizing your own potential, To realise “There’s more to me than living a life that may not have been your choice and going after your purpose.

To define self-care ‘It’s series of decisions taken to maintain and improve your health -mentally, physically and emotionally. It extends to be our inner work and outer work as well. You can put anything under “self-care” as long as the activity leaves you more energised and feeling good about yourself.

However, I request you not to confuse self-care with self-indulgence because self-indulgence only makes you feel better in the moment but that feeling doesn’t last. For instance, When you’re stressed out because of your workload and busy schedule however instead of tackling your problems, you get tempted to binge-watch your favourite show or eat a carton of ice cream. Now, those are not bad things however they don’t benefit you at the moment rather leaves you more exhausted to deal with the same problems.

Self-care can be about caring for your health, taking that dream vacation, going out to meet your friends, spending time with your family and the list can go on but it doesn’t have to be once a month or a week thing. Self-care needs to cultivate every day by cooperating tiny habits in your life that create a difference. If you are focused and ready to make efforts every day, then nobody can stop you to unlock your unlimited potential

Why self care is Important?

Through my experience, an unhealthy mind and body are not capable to make rational decisions that are good for us. Our soul communicates with us through energy, but we lose our inner voice and guidance that shows us the right direction if we aren’t recharging ourselves. I don’t mean any illness by the unhealthy body, but if you experience fatigue, exhaustion, or feeling lost in the middle of your day, you need to pay attention.

It’s important to create and sustain a healthy mind and body to recognize our strengths, our passion to find our purpose.

Self-care through Physically:

You are the parent of your own body. You feed it, wash it and take care of all the other need that arises at the moment but fulfilling the need is not the same as motivating it. You need to infuse motivation into your body to build it healthier and stronger than today, deepening your connection with your body.


Simply moving your body without any goals, destination or agenda. Before I confuse you further, I mean exercise. When you make time to create a healthy body, even if it’s for 30 minutes a day, it spread positivity in your entire system. I won’t push you to go to the gym (not my cup of tea either) but any type of moment which interest you like: Excercise at home, Yoga at home, Running, walking, bicycling, dance classes, anything that suits you.

If you are thinking to start exercising after reading this, I request you to push your limits slowly and gradually. I started practising Yoga for 15 minutes then 20 minutes and eventually a whole hour because I fell in love with Yoga. In the same way, I want you to love the process of your movement rather than focusing only on the weight goal.

Hygiene and Skincare

Have you ever seen a room full of dirt and a pile of clothes everywhere? and even though it irked you but you ignored it and moved on? I want you to stop ignoring that feeling and listen to it. Similarly, it’s our responsibility to maintain the hygiene in and around us. It’s simply about building habits of not tolerating dirtiness anymore.

Some self-hygiene points: brushing teeth twice a day, showering every day, filing and cleaning your nails and washing your hands frequently.

Skincare is essential for everyone. Who doesn’t like glowy skin? Taking care of your skin’s need can boost self-love. Don’t forget to make small efforts for your skin. Moisturise daily, put on sunscreen before stepping out, use a night cream before sleeping or anything that suits your skin.

Self-care through Mentally

Our mind is like a 24/7 running machine with thoughts that never ends. Our quality of thoughts affects our overall well being. With positive thoughts, we feel more brave, energetic and keep an open mind but negative thoughts can also do worse.

Being aware of your thoughts, esp whether are they positive or negative can give a headstart because it’s easier to work on an issue once you recognized it. Remember, your thoughts don’t define you and you have the power to let go of them. Try these few pointers to create positive thoughts and to sharpen your mind:

  • Talking to yourself more gently like a lover.
  • Few minutes for meditation every day.
  • Practice non-judgement of yourself and others (Be mindful of your judgement thoughts)
  • Read articles, books or watch videos that inspire you (every day).
  • Don’t give voice to your ego
  • Acceptance of own weaknesses and respecting them

It’s true “what goes around comes back around”. The kind of energy you give out in the world also comes back to you. if you are spreading anger and negativity, you will get them back as well. How about we spread love and positivity? and make this world a better place for everyone?

Self Care through Emotionally

Managing emotions is not easy but an important skill to master for a meaningful life. As you may have noticed, We often have to recognize and accept our emotion first to recognise the source of them, Why? because we don’t have any control over the creation of our feelings and emotions.

But we can manage our emotions well enough so they won’t interrupt our growth and healing process. By recognizing our own emotional needs and nourishing them to attain the emotional balance. Here are some pointers to do that:

  • Be honest about your feelings to others, no matter how hard it seems.
  • journalise whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Cultivate gratitude by writing down things that you are grateful for, regularly.
  • If you are angry or frustrated, try to control your temper first before responding. Don’t say words that you don’t mean.
  • be comfortable in being vulnerable with the people you love.

If any of these points made you curious, try them out and notice if they made you feel differently. self-care for your emotional well being is highly important to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Practising Detachment is also a very powerful way to kill negative energy by detaching yourself from the situation to see things objectively.it helps in Focusing on our growth rather than our achievement.

I hope I was able to inspire you to change something, no matter how small a change and would love to know your feedback.