Is It Important To Get Married? What’s The Right Thing To Do?

We grew up believing that it’s Important to get married because it’s the ultimate goal. Raising kids and growing old alongside your partner is what every human should do. However, As we grew up and learned about ourselves, we begin questioning what’s actually important because the same thing can’t make everyone happy.

Despite living in an evolved era where social norms have changed yet the foundation of marriage stands very strong to this day. It’s such an influential part of society that you are the odd one if you don’t get married. Peer pressure from family and society can break even the strong man.

If you see most of your friends and acquaintances getting married or about to get married, You must be feeling a bit confused. Asking yourself whether you also want marriage, especially if you are single and career-oriented. Well, Let’s work out this confusion.

Is It Important To Get Married?

It’s Not Important”. It might not be the popular answer however it’s the genuine one. Choosing your lifelong partner does not have an expiration date. You have the total leverage to decide if are you ready for a lifelong commitment and with whom. If it serves you, You can choose to fully commit to yourself instead of a partner. Don’t let the world decide for you.

There is no right or wrong in choosing either of the paths. What’s important is to do what feels right for you. At any time, You have the full liberty to make or change your decision. The decision that brings you closer to happiness and contentment in your life. Perhaps your vision and aspiration for the future could tell you where you stand.

If to say that Marriage provides, endless enjoyment, stability and peace, it would be partial. Marriage comes with a lot of selfless work and responsibility. If you aren’t willing to do it for your partner, It will get difficult. Marriage requires two people’s equal efforts to run it.

On the other hand, Choosing to stay single will be complex and courageous. It requires dedication, purpose and a passion to keep evolving in life. There is no limit to individual growth. If personal growth is something that fuels your soul, don’t get married at all.

When Is The Right Time To Get Married?

The Right time to get married isn’t about age. It’s about whether you have found the right person. A life partner is an important decision that changes your life, so it’s more important to be sure of your person before you get married to them.

Marriage requires a lot of commitment, to put the other person’s happiness above yours. Often, it requires compromising your future goals to benefit the other or both of you. Why would you do that for somebody? if not because of love. The key ingredient to Marriage is love and consistent effort.

Thats why arranged marriage in today’s time, could be a recipe for disaster. Binding two people who barely know each other in a long-term legal contract can turn into a nightmare quickly. Two different individuals who have not seen each other’s worst side or their pace of growth in challenging times.

However, after knowing the other person, their nature, limitation and strength, if you still strongly desire to get married out of love and willingness to commit to the other person’s happiness and sustain a lifelong bond, then getting Married is the right decision.

When Is Not The Right Time To Get Married?

When you are simply not ready for it. Whether the reason is self-commitment, non-belief in the marriage institution or maybe you haven’t found the one. As I said before, It’s a big responsibility to choose your partner for the rest of your life. You need to be wise and certain while making that decision. Rushing to get married can make you choose the wrong partner.

As Budha said “It’s Better To walk alone than with a Fool”

Now, when most people are educated, independent and carry a strong vision for themselves. Marriage is(now more than ever) not the end goal. You are free to choose your own goals.

Make your goal to live a fulfilling life, grow into your individuality and give back to the world and society. If you find the right companion in this journey and marriage feels natural, then all the more power to you. The point is not to let society pressure you; Your friends and family influence you in getting married. It should be solely your conscious decision.

A piece of advice, If you feel content, purposeful and self-sufficient then you don’t need marriage. However, if you feel your physical, emotional and psychological needs require human companionship, then by all means marry and live a married life intelligently.