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What Are Your Obstacles to Success? 6 Basic Points To Explain Them.

The definition of success and obstacles to success change from person to person. Yet the hard work needed to be Successful doesn’t change whatever the goal may be. For many, having a good life is enough to settle down but some of us want to keep reaching for the next upgradation and rise above.

Despite having the will to succeed, we still struggle to make the effort towards the life we want. It shows that willingness is not enough. to be successful, we must be willing to transform ourselves. To become the version that is productive, efficient and patient.

We have weaknesses that are challenging which stop us to get started and keep us distracted from our goals. The basic obstacles that are the obvious enemies to our success are Mindset, Habits, Procrastination, Living in the past and taking risks. Let’s elaborate on each one of the obstacles to Success and work on understanding these:


It’s the monster we fight on daily basis. Procrastination begins with the choice of our lifestyle. The drawback of Living a comfortable life is the lack of motivation to put in consistent effort to transform our lives. As we feel no urgency to change things, we delay taking action and plans until we start questioning our original plan.

Procrastination can be fought with complete awareness of procrastinating the work. The realization of procrastination can push you to get off to work. The second step is to break down your project into small steps. That way, you won’t feel “where to start” and it will be easy to feel motivated to do the work.

Another way is to set up daily goals that you need to achieve before the day ends. This will help you stop spending time on your phone or being lazy in general.

Mindset of Growth

The First change we need is to shift our mindset. Our mindset carries the core principle, and values we follow. It’s reflected in our mental attitude towards life. We must take a reality check with our mindset. We need the attitude of believing in ourselves. We cannot afford to carry the seeds of doubt if we want to be successful.

It’s important to check in with yourself, your feelings, and your inner dialogues. Your belief in yourself is non-negotiable. It should be unshakable along with endless patience. The mindset of growth is the ability to focus on growth and improvement rather than dwell on failures. The right mindset will fuel your fire to become successful.

Change Your Habits

Old habits die hard and that’s the truth. Over the years, the habits you cultivated are being carried out by your mind and body. Any habit that does not align with your higher self is a liability. It will not only take a strong will to quit habits but also resistance to bring them back.

What’s more important than quitting habits is adopting new ones. You must add habits that add value to your life. To make practices out of activities which provide knowledge and work as a guide in your journey to success.

Habits are small investments of time daily that will make a huge difference in becoming successful. You must be clear about who you want to be. That will clear your doubts about which habits to let go of and the new ones you need.

Living In the Past

To make your Future successful, You must live in the present and put in consistent effort. However, that’s not possible if you still dwell on your past. If you relate then your biggest enemy to your success is your haunted past.

Your big goals will remain unachievable if you don’t let go of the past. You need to disconnect yourself from what happened. The only way to detach is by focusing on your goals and taking action to achieve them.

You can’t change your past but you can completely change your future by working in the present. The choice is yours.

Risk Taker

We talked about procrastination, changing our habits and mindset to prepare ourselves for this – Taking Risks. This is where your success journey begins to motion. I admit it is the hardest step because it will give you a reality check on how far your stand from becoming successful. Yet this is also the most exciting step out of all.

This is where you make attempts to achieve your goals. You put yourself out there and keep trying until you make a successful attempt. The Fear of failure is large but without failures, you can’t become successful. No one has ever had. So the sooner you start taking risks-the closer you will get to success.


As you begin your execution to achieve goals. It’s important to keep a healthy mindset. It’s natural to compare your journey to others or to strive for perfection. Please know that perfectionism does not exist as there is no limit to progress. It only negatively impacts your mindset.

Your competition is only you. What you contribute to the world cannot be produced by anyone else and Vice-Versa. Each of us is unique and healthy growth lies in staying grounded. Remember to stay away from the field of external validation, chasing perfectionism and comparison.

You have everything you need to become successful. Have faith and keep working. Nothing can beat you.