Why Social Media Detox is Important These Day Than Ever. 5 Ways To Detoxify Your System.

A device that is ruling everyone’s life is our small phone. The device itself isn’t bad. It connects us to the people we love who live far away however it’s the social media thats spoiling us with its mindless entertainment and that’s why we need social media detox more than ever. The valuable hours of our day fly away in scrolling and amusing ourselves. Our day begins with notifications and social apps and ends with the same apps. Truly, we are the generation of amusement.

If you expect one day, you’ll be done with such mindless entertainment out of boredom, the chances are highly unlikely since the apps are designed in such a way that keeps you hooked to their apps at the risk of your mental health. Only you have the power to wake up to the reality of how social media is affecting your mental health. How do likes and comments get you addicted to their features and at cost of what? your mental health.

People who created such apps ( Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc) didn’t care about your mental health and they never will. You must realise the cost of using and spending hours on these apps. How it’s redefining the definition of your success, happiness and meaningful life subconsciously.

How often do you feel drained after spending hours on social apps? Or leaves you feeling “not enough” after comparing yourself with people who seem to have the best life? Let me remind you, most of it is only a show that people display and comparing yourself with something that isn’t real will bring uncalled misery.

Yet we are still busy with our phones maybe because It’s the best distraction in the world when we don’t want to deal with certain situations. It only requires our attention and because of that, we don’t know what boredom is.

We not only stopped connecting with people, nature, life experiences but most importantly with ourselves. What do we know about ourselves anymore? We prefer to do things that everyone else is doing. When was the last time you took a break to understand what makes you truly happy?

It’s still not too late. We can decide to wake up to this current reality and consciously choose to deal with it. For that, We need a break from this toxicity. Let’s read on that will helps with social media detox from our system-

Deactivate Apps that you use the Most.

Taking a break from these apps will show you the reality of how deep you are in this murky water. When you won’t have any distraction to run and your mind is babbling about uneasy thoughts or situations, you will have no option but either to confront it or pick a mindful activity to do. Both are good options than getting back to mindless amusement.

You can take a break of 7 days or 2 weeks but to stay consistent is more important than the number of days. Don’t let the mood swings reactivate your account because they will happen. Detoxification is never easy but it provides detachment. It’s the first important step to realise how differently you feel without these mindless apps.

Finish the Chores.

We always have chores lingering in the house that we keep procrastinating until the end of life and instead spend our energy on social media. Now, that we won’t have the medium, What can you do then?

Finish those chores. Make up your bed, do the laundry, prepare your meals, grocery shopping, finish the article or that unfinished project. I can’t name all the chores but you will know what chores are still due.

By doing little chores, we bring balance and control to our life. Utilize the break to organize yourself and your daily routine.

Stretchy stretch.

Your body needs to feel fresh and energized every day. How important is it to eat every day? pretty important right? In the same way, our body needs to move to energize itself. Remember, your body’s sensations directly affect your thoughts. A healthy body will cause positive thoughts. To live a joyful and meaningful life, it’s important to take care of your body’s needs.

Make time for Exercise daily in your routine whenever it suits you. Time of the day is not more important than keeping up the habit every day. You can choose to do exercise in the morning or evening. what matters is that you realise the importance of working out every day even if it is 10 minutes, to begin with.

Find THAT something for yourself.

How many activities have you discovered that brings you joy? activities that are only yours and not influenced by society or social media. if you can’t think of any, it’s fine. That means you can pick anything you love doing out of the vast options. What’s important here is to discover yourself through introspection. Be curious about your likeness and hobbies that bring peace. Pursue such activities that you completely get lost in and brings you joy.

The activity could be dancing, writing, reading, painting or gardening. The possibilities are endless; you only need the ones that make you happy. And I promise you, you won’t care about your phone or social media

Connect with people

In the old days, people would go out to parks, bars, museums, dinners or classes to socialize differently and they were happy because they didn’t have phones to distract them. Today, despite having so many sources to socialize yet we are the loneliest generation there ever was. Perhaps because we replaced connection with materialism.

Bonding is our innate nature. It makes us happy to socialize. Remember how good it feels to reconnect with a friend o catch up with our best friend. Socializing can bring peace and balance to our life. Don’t meet people to only kill your loneliness but to bond with them, to connect deeply.

Connect with your friends, family, neighbour, that cool girl in your class or group of people that you admire. Connect with people to who you can relate but also with diverse people who teach you new things about life.

Life is not about showing good life on social media but to live it without requiring any validation. The world is out there and another one within us.