How To Let Go Of The Past to live Happily and Fully

Our past is such an important and impactful part of life. It shaped us into who we are today and how we present ourselves to the world. The past is a bittersweet emotion that reminds us of the good times and the struggles we’ve been through. When the bad times start to weigh you down, it’s time to let go of the past.

Our tough days might be over but the impact of it stays with us even after it’s over. Unknowingly, We keep on carrying the baggage of our past that holds us back from moving on. That’s why it’s important to recognize our wounds and heal ourselves to let go of the past and live fully.

How you spend your energy decides most of your decisions and influences your thoughts. To bring change in life, we need to invest more time and energy in things that are good for us. Instead of living in the past, we can focus our energy on self-growth, happiness and healing ourselves.

I hope the following piece of advice helps you to let go of the past if you are willing to do the work on yourself and change your perception. Here are a few points that can get you started:

Be Mindful Of Thoughts

This is conscious work which is being aware of your thoughts. It’s natural to have a negative thought pattern. It happens to all of us. What’s important here is to realize that your negative thoughts do not define you. Your negative emotions are not you. What you are is who you choose to be.

However, You must be conscious of your thoughts about the past to immediately let go of them. Remind yourself that No amount of thinking will change your past. If you find yourself thinking negatively, simply replace them with positive ones(trust me it works) or an even more effective way – Get busy. That’s right. Find something productive to do so your mind will be engaged.

Dissolve High Guarded Walls

Living through a tough phase on all levels (emotional and mental) can teach us to build walls around us to save ourselves from getting hurt again. Those same walls work against us because we come across as closed-off people. We get scared of being Vulnerable again that eventually drives people off.

It’s your responsibility to overcome the fear that holds you back from connecting with people. Recognise the walls you created unconsciously as means of protecting yourself. Try to understand your pattern in dating or relationships that are working against you. Once you’ll know the reason that made you build those walls, it will be easier to dissolve them as well.

Invest Time In Yourself

“Creating the new you is the only way to shed the old you”. Investing time in yourself is exciting but It requires attention, focus and effort to build the new you. In a world full of distraction and convenience, it’s easy to dodge the self-work but you can change that.

The time you spend on your phone can be utilized for learning or knowledge. Watching an entertainment show can be replaced by watching an educational podcast. The point is to prioritize yourself. Invest time, effort and love in your growth. Habits that you want to quit or the ones you want to start demand investment of your time and energy. So give it. Get better and Evolve.

Heal to make Peace.

The past that’s been holding you down from moving forward will continue to do so unless you heal the wound. If you feel sorry for yourself, my friend you still have work to do. This a the time to change your perception.

There’s always a reason why things happen the way they do. you cannot change the reason because it’s in the past. What you can do is accept it gracefully; Learn the wisdom that it taught you and implement it in your life

The day you will be detached from your past will be the day it will not hold any power over you. We will only be grateful for making us who we are today.