What is Emotional intelligence? 5 Qualities Which Makes Them Different.

Did you come across the Term ” Emotional intelligence” and wondered what it means?

This is My Version.

Emotional intelligence is a quality that helps you to understand your emotions. It helps to make better decisions in Life and be an efficient communicator. Through emotional intelligence, Your emotions become your strength and a tool to succeed in Life.

We all have a way to deal with our emotions. Some of us ignore them, or suppress them if needed but how often do you call out your emotions and do what needs to be done?

Emotional Intelligence is the Quality of responding to situations with sensitivity and consciousness. With such quality, One can cultivate Authentic relationships with oneself and others.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Let’s break it down for Better understanding. What It Requires to Have a High EQ?


Our Emotions can easily become our weakness if we express too much or keep it to ourselves. Balance is the key however to do that, One needs to understand their uprising feelings or moods from time to time. It’s Absolutely okay to feel upset but Why are you feeling this way? What triggered it?

It’s a practice to listen to yourself without judging or condemning yourself. Simply enquire. Inquiring your emotions would make you self-aware. Naming your emotions can help you to find the root cause of the conflict and instantly, your mind starts to become clear.


Sometimes our weakness lies in losing control when emotions are high. It can happen when we are feeling Angry, Agony or overly emotional. In these times, Our emotions take over the mind and we end up hurting other people by saying or doing something wrong.

Remember it’s never okay to hurt someone just because you feel hurt; especially if you care about them. If you step back by holding yourself together and not react in the moment, the situation will turn out far better than otherwise.

Recognize these decision which we call “knee-jerk reaction” and Breathe. Keep yourself calm and handle the situation with dignity. Don’t let external affairs disturb your inner state. This way, you save the relationship and refrain from hurting others.


To deal with emotions, one has to be sensitive and open. It’s not about resisting emotions but to accept them without resistance. Emotions are a great guider of directions. They show you where your heart lies- your purpose lies. A closed heart which is guarded by walls cannot know sensitivity.

It’s your responsibility to pay attention to emotions. To let it show you what’s the right thing to do. It could mean initiating uncomfortable conversations or confessing the truth. “To do what needs to be done”

To live with sensitivity means having no resistance within you. You will see and accept things as they are not how they should be. That will be your strength.


Someone who is not afraid of their own emotion is very capable of pushing their boundaries and following the unknown territory. That’s where the personal growth lies. Once you gain the ability to hold your emotions at ease, it becomes easy to see what’s aligning with your vision. You can see obstacles without attaching yourself to them.

It’s not you who is not enough. It’s the obstacles that stand in your way. Once you detach yourself from the obstacle, instead let it define your self-worth, It becomes easy to overcome challenges in your path and pursue it. People’s opinions won’t matter because you’ll know your voice really well. Discover your passion and follow it until your last breath.


Knowing your emotions means knowing thyself. If you are aware of things that affect you, it would become necessary to lay down healthy boundaries. Boundaries that help you to stay aligned with your purpose. Boundaries in daily life, and relationships are very important. To stop you from getting hurt, to start again or doing anything regretful.

These boundaries will help you to protect the progress you made in your journey. I may not be able to guide you what boundaries you need but maybe this tip will help you-

Write down your priorities which you are trying to cultivate or maintain – The obstacles you will face to do so will naturally become your boundaries. Remember, Your priorities can’t be compromised even if it means changing your Lifestyle.

I hope this Article helped you to understand this concept and encouraged you to be Highly emotional intelligent person.