What is Emotional intelligence? Qualities and signs

Have you ever come across such term ” Emotional intelligence” and wonder what it means? Well, let me break it down for you.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, measure and manage your emotions. It’s the ability to perceive emotions of our own and others as well. Every action that you take has a psychological effect. Every decision triggers an emotion in your brain. How well do you understand your conscious state?

Everyone will tell you to work on your intelligence, broaden your knowledge and whatnot. A high emotional intelligence contributes towards your success in professional life as well as your personal life.

Ask yourself a few questions?

  • Do you acknowledge your instant reactions and emotions?
  • Do you accept your emotions the way they come?

For instance, if your friend is flirting with some stranger and even though you handled it very well in from of them however it did make you a little jealous. Now, accepting that you felt jealous could tell you that you like your friend and might have feelings for them.

  • Do you often take sudden decisions just because you were feeling a certain way ( frustrated, sad, etc) and then regret it Later?
  • How much do you care what other people think about you?
  • Do you talk about your feelings and emotions with your friend or partner or are you completely shut?

Think about your answers, You don’t have to tell me just answer yourself honestly. Whoever you are, you can change and make a difference in your self for betterment.

How can you work on your emotional intelligence? Following are some qualities and suggestions.

  • Self Awareness

self-awareness when talking in terms of emotional ability means how well do you understand your emotion, your mood and what drove you to feel that way. You need to recognize that emotion and name it. did you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, angry etc. ? This provides clarity in your mind. Remember, the more you understand your emotion, you also get better at reading other people’s emotions.

When you start measuring your own emotions and of others, You find whats your strength and weaknesses. What are the qualities that people love about you and what habits of yours disappoint and frustrate your loved ones?

  • Self Control

You remember the time when you drunk dialled your ex and it turned out to be a huge mistake? (No? maybe you got lucky)

whether it’s about contacting your ex or your fight with your parents over stupid things. Self-control goes a long way. To know where to stop yourself, to draw the line before you cross your boundaries is very important. we let our emotions control us and ride us. Its the other way around. Learn how to control your actions and emotions. There are times when you can’t control your feelings even though you don’t approve of them, Do not react or take any actions based on such feelings.

Bring Discipline in your life. If you committed something, then fulfil it. Learn to respect your words, give them value by meaning it.

  • Empathy

If we define empathy in simple terms ‘its the ability to understand and share the feeling of others. It persuades you to be more humble and being grounded. When you find yourself in conversation with others, listen to what they have to say and forget about yourself for a moment. Understand their situation, relate to them.

For someone who is highly emotionally intelligent, it comes very naturally to them to connect to others and gain their trust and respect.

  • Self Motivator

They are their motivator and push their boundaries. It’s about the next step you want to take to be better. Constantly changing with time and growing over time. You should not wait around for people to motivate you or to tell you what to do. shut down other people’s opinion about you and only care about your own.

Dive into your insights and find what moves you, discover your ambition. We all are curious cats and no curiosity didn’t kill the cat, ignorance did. Find your curiosity and let it lead the way.

  • Positive Demeanour

Positive demeanour simply means positive aura for people around you. Have you notice how some people can get you comfortable and at ease with their words, tone, expression and body language. They come across as very friendly and trustworthy. Be aware of your own and how it comes across. Try to build a relaxed ambience for people around you. You do not need to be stiff and hold your breath. Instead, take yourself lightly and kill the tension in the environment.