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How to get good sleep at night with 3 Simple steps.

The struggle is real. How to get good sleep is the question we don’t ask ourselves but with time and age, we realize the value of quality sleep. A healthy sleep determines your energy and productivity for the following day. If we don’t recharge ourselves, How will we work well? It is also not about sleeping early. People who sleep at 12 Am can getter better sleep than people who sleep by 10 pm. Having a routine is important to increase the quality of your sleep.

Do you remember sleeping late and waking up feeling more exhausted and tired? That’s what an inferior sleep can do. As we grow old, we realize the value of health and how it’s directly linked to success. Good health requires quality sleep. If you want to control your day and get things done. You must get restful and sound sleep for your body and mind.

Like you, I”ve struggled with sleep as well, in past. However, through few habits, I reduce that struggle over time and now I fall asleep easily. I have mentioned 3 habits that I consider helped me the most to achieve quality sleep. These are simple yet efficient techniques to wind down your mind and body.


We underestimate the power of regularity when it comes to our sleep. Overload of work, fight with your partner, party with your friends, the reasons are many for not maintaining regularity in our sleep. Even if we are in bed on time, we end up scrolling through social platforms and when looked at the time -it’s 3 AM. It’s traumatic for your brain because it doesn’t know what time it’s supposed to rest, work or wake up. Does our mind also have a watch?

Yes. It also calculates 24 hours in a day. If we don’t give our brain a routine, it will not operate effectively. Build a routine and follow it rigorously. What time you will go to bed and what time will you get up? Ask yourself these 2 questions and pick any time you are comfortable with. 10 pm, 12 am, 1 am and after 8 hours will be your wake up time. Implement this habit for a week and notice the difference in your mental and physical body.

Wind-Down Process

We all know sleep isn’t a switch. If we turn it on, We’ll fall asleep. Does that happen? Then Why do we use our phone in bed and expect our mind to go from 100 engagement level to zero? spending the next hour in tossing and turning, waiting to fall asleep. We wake up the next day feeling tired and exhausted. What we need to do is set a winding down process for our minds.

Take 15 to 20 minutes out before you go to bed and use that time to bring that engagement level of your mind from 100 to 30. If not all the way to 0 but enough so the moment you hit the bed and take few deep breaths (or as many as you need), you fall asleep effortlessly. What can you do in those 15 to 20 minutes?

You can take a bath, you can Meditate while in your bed or listen to bedtime stories or, perhaps you can reflect on the day and write things you are grateful for that day. the source could be any as long as it relaxes your mind.


The above mention point was to wind down ur brain. Now it’s important to talk about how to unwind your body. Whether it’s our work or entertainment, we spend most of our time sitting. When our body doesn’t get enough movement in a day, it leaves us restless and anxious. Through movement or exercise, our body burns that restless energy. So when we go to bed at night, our body is relaxed making it easier to fall asleep.

Exercise can be any form of movement. Anything that you enjoy. For instance, I practise Yoga and would encourage you to practice as well. Otherwise, If you prefer Gym, Running, Walking, Pilates or simply a few stretches will also do. You can begin with 15 minutes of practice a day and increase the time gradually. Make sure you love the exercise that you choose. Rest will become very easy.