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4 Reason That Leads To Failed Relationships.

Failed Relationships are more in Numbers than Healthy ones.

Times have changed and it’s no surprise. Along with it, the Whole dating world has taken a spin. Commitment is overwhelming for people. Healthy Relationships are hard to find. Where did we go wrong?

Today, Dating has become more convenient since dating apps yet finding a genuine connection is harder than ever. If you do end up meeting someone nice, one issue or other is enough to breaks

A relationship is the work of two people. One can’t sail the boat alone. Building a healthy relationship is not easy yet it bears the most fruit if nurtured carefully. Problems are inevitable in any relationship. If you can focus on solving the problem together instead of fighting each other, such a relationship can thrive in any weather.

It’s concerning how easily people can end relationships rather than working on them. Well, this post is for people who want to make their relationship work. What are the common causes that break the relationship?

Let’s shed some light on it and how to work through that problem.

Trust Issues

We live in a world where getting suspicious is normal but trusting people easily is not. Trust issues are old baggage for many people after being with someone who broke their trust. It gets passed from relationship to relationship OR can sow and grow in a current relationship if their partner’s behaviour is contradictory.

What is a Trust Issue? When one person in a relationship doesn’t trust their partner. It could be due to history or due to the damage of lying. Without trust factor, no relationship can move forward.

Trust issues are hard weed to pull out however with the right conversation and intentions, this issue can be solved . Transparency is the key to solving this matter. If two people can be absolutely vulnerable and share their insecurities without feeling judged – builds a new kind of Trust that is capable of healing all other wounds.

Minimum Efforts

With Dating Apps ready to replace your current girlfriend, It’s harder to make people put effort into one relationship only with one person. One problem is enough for people to give up on their current progress with someone and find entirely a new person.

It’s a delusional to think that there are a lot of choices in the dating pool. You may pick any person but it would still need effort, dedication and attention to flourish that relationship, One person’s efforts can’t make up for both people. Your partner needs to be as dedicated as you are to build a healthy relationship.

If your partner provides the bare minimum or doesn’t appreciate you, it’s enough to damage the relationship. It will create friction and slowly the love will wither away. You have the option to settle for less or change your settings.

To speak of it openly with your partner is necessary otherwise they’ll never know how you feel about it. If you see a change in their actions, their love is still profound for you. If you don’t- simply give them space to figure out their priority.


Living in modern times has given us freedom and unconditional choices, To be whoever you want to be. We became strong-headed and independent so well that we don’t like the idea of adjusting/compromising for someone. It’s usual when both people in relationship have a career aspiration. If your life is full of schedule, making time for your partner becomes a task.

Often, making time for your partner means compromising or adjusting your other aspects of life. If neither or only one is ready to adjust, that relationship won’t last or thrive. It takes two people who can adjust for each other without holding back negativity then their love has truly flourished.

Growing Apart.

Each person on this planet keeps on changing, If not willingly then through circumstances. When two people have been together for a while, It’s natural to grow apart if efforts are not put to include each other in this growth. To keep the fire of relationship alive, require consistent effort, forgiveness, selfless love and two people who are willing to do all that.

It’s possible to outgrow your partner or vice-versa. To flourish in a relationship, two people need to grow together otherwise the relationship becomes a routine and love fades away slowly. It’s important to include your partner in your achievements, failures or ideas that come to your mind from time to time.

When you include your partner in life, they learn to do the same for you.