The bad Influence of Social media in our Life. 4 ways to cut off the negative influence.

We are part of a fast-paced era. With too much knowledge and opinions over the internet, It’s natural to get influenced by other people’s choices and opinions rather than building our own beliefs and values.

Social media itself is not bad because it’s only connecting people from around the world and giving a platform to grow but more people means more ideas and opinions. In this 21st century, the people over the internet is only fighting to seek your attention by any means, whether it is helpful for you or not? that’s not their worry.

The concern grew when it started to set the ideal standards of body shape, relationships, perfect job. Subconsciously, we started comparing our everyday lives with the highlight reels of others. Our attention and focus which should be spent on our own growth, are wasted away in comparison, unfulfilled entertainment and being influenced.

Unintentionally, we started following other people’s choices of What’s trendy or not? What’s cool or not? The right and the wrong? It’s concerning how social media affected people’s mental health especially the young generation because they were introduced to phones at a very young age. New generation comparing themselves to idealistic beauty and lifestyle. With more new filters to make us look unnaturally pretty, making the young girls question their own beauty.

We don’t fall far from the tree either because we are also facing the consequences of the influence of social media in our life. For instances:

  1. Despite having a large following, we barely talk to a few of them. We normalised leaving conversations in the middle, or not replying for days to people we care about.
  2. Checking what’s happening in people’s lives through stories or posts even though we rarely speak to them.
  3. Subconsciously, comparing ourselves and our life to everything we see on social media.
  4. Scrolling for hours is our new routine. Without any active participation, we scroll for hours, choosing self-indulgence than Self-care.
  5. We set unrealistic expectations for ourselves by trying to achieve ‘the ideal definition’ of our goals.
  6. Misuse our time by wasting it on mindless entertainment instead of being creative and productive.
  7. Since Checking our phone releases dopamine in our brain, it keeps us hooked to the phone even when we consciously don’t want to.

You, me and everyone are the sufferer of its consequences because that’s the definition of New Normal. If we squeeze the mentioned points into one word, It’s a Distraction. It’s basically a pile of distractions kept in social media platforms. It’s hard to stay focused in 2021 because we are surrounded by countless distractions.

When people didn’t have a phone before, they had time to be bored and their boredom got their creativity out. They had hobbies, passion and time to work on their dreams. Now? People hardly get bored because their distraction is right there in their pockets. it’s a mode to escape reality but it’s also stopping us from reaching our full potential to be creative, happy and productive in life.

We must cut off the negative influence of social media in our lives. Am not asking you to disconnect completely from your social platform but enough so that it doesn’t remain an important part of your life. Try these 4 tips that helped me enormously.

Set Timer

Instagram is one of the apps we overuse by scrolling for hours without engaging much, wasting our time. But the app provides the option to set your daily limit of Instagram usage. Whenever you exhaust your limit, you’ll get the alert of same. If you wish to spend less time on Instagram but somehow time flies by in scrolling and stalking, then set the daily limit to 30 minutes, 45 minutes. That way, you’ll be consciously aware of your spending time and make better decisions.

Keep your phone away

Your phone shouldn’t be near you whenever you are working or being productive. It’s simple as that. You can’t afford the temptation of keeping your phone near you because you will check your phone. We are humans and it takes time for us to break about of a habit. But till then, let’s keep our phones away while we are focused and attentive.

You’ll be surprised when you wouldn’t feel the need to check your phone for hours.

Take a break

Sometimes the only real break you can give yourself is by de-activating your account. When you find yourself spending most of your time on social media, feeling negative and drained, it’s important to detoxify the negativity from your system. Disconnect from your online world and find other means to utilize that time. Read a book, listen to motivational podcasts, start a journal, adopt a new hobby, anything that appeals to you. I will be honest, it will be a little hard for a week but then eventually, you won’t miss it at all.

NOT the first thing

I bet you check your phone the first thing in the morning. How do I know? I did that too. Inviting the whole world in your room in the morning with loads of information, deadlines to meet and work stress. Imagine your mind just woke up from a nice sleep and you hit it with a load of work. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Give time to your body and mind to naturally wake up fully. Be grateful for the new day, exercise for 15-20 minutes or meditate even for 5 minutes. Your morning routine is pure “Me time”. Energize yourself for the day ahead and then feel free to look at your phone.

I hope these tips would help and please take care of your mental health.