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How to express your Unconditional love to your partner in 6 different ways?

Unconditional love means giving without expecting, loving before being loved, understanding before being understood and compromising without making a sound. It’s a powerful yet very grounded emotion. love indeed change us but it’s true unconditional love that uplifts us. If your love for someone or generally for life is ever-flowing and can’t be affected by anything, you possess deep love and affection.

However, in the midst of a relationship, it might be not easy to understand how to express your unconditional love in the right way and make your partner feel loved unconditionally. We may think “Oh I already know this one” after reading few points but what’s more important is if you are implementing it? because sometimes unconsciously, we don’t preach the things we speak about, especially in relationships. So, please open your heart to read and reflect with honesty.

Here are 6 different ways that help to express your love with more clarity and unconditionally to your partner:

1. Open conversations.

Communication is one of the basic pillars of a healthy relationship. It has the power to make or break any relationships. It also has the power to fuel your bonding. How you communicate with your partner matters immensely. How comfortable do they feel when sharing any raw thought? How do you respond to their unexpected questions or unexpected thoughts?

Our partner should feel loved and understood unconditionally and one way to do that is by respecting, appreciating and reciprocating their thoughts and notion. It’s important to remember because it’s easily forgettable mostly if we are in the bad mood. We end up dismissing them or lash our frustration at them.

They are your getaway portal of love from the outside negativity. When in a bad mood, share your thoughts and confide instead of doing the opposite. other times, try to build a space for your partner where they feel safe and comfortable to ask anything to you even if it sounds bizarre. Make conscious efforts to participate in such conversations to appreciate and connect. This will lead to genuine transparency between you and your partner, a fine example of unconditional love.

2. Lock your defence away.

Our defence mechanism cannot be switched off forever because we live in a society where we’re surrounded by diverse people. It’s instinctive to get defensive where we feel intimidated but putting up a defence with our partner? I assure you we all are defensive in our way. Unconsciously, we are capable of saying hurtful and mean things to our partners out of defence without having any realization. Unless we are fully aware of our words and their consequences, we won’t be able to change that.

Lock away your defence whenever you are with your partner. That would mean listening to and understanding your partner’s view before responding, instead of instinctively thinking “this isn’t what I mean” or “it’s not going my way” and let your defence take charge. Learn to hold your words in the heat of the moment, you’ll thank yourself later.

Bonus Point: If you find yourself apologizing often for your behaviour after an argument or fight with your partner, you have a strong defensive system.

Try using phrases like ” I understand where you coming from …………….( politely share the reason)” OR ” It makes sense why you would think that” or ‘am sorry to give you that impression but………(politely share the reason). This will break your defence at that moment and will let you connect to your partner with honesty and emotions.

3. Deep Dive Exchange.

Love doesn’t have any limit. It’s as deep as the universe itself and they both hold untold secrets and unsaid words. Our deepest thoughts and words can bring out the deepest conversation with our partner. It allows both of you to know each other as you know yourself. It reveals what your partner is made of. It also shows you how to be a better partner.

Giving unconditional love means taking initiation to start the deep conversations and creating space for them to be Vulnerable. Now I don’t mean you should always have such complex conversation all the time, rather do it when you’re spending a good quality time. For instance: long drives, home dates, while cooking, literally anyplace that gives you a good vibe. You can Set a weekly reminder to have a meaningful conversation at least once a week or anything that works for both of you.

4. Don’t mind the small pebbles.

Our idea of ideal relationships can set up wrong expectations of one. There are no perfect relationships. It’s not only rainbows and sunny days no matter how strong your partnership is. If we consider fighting, problems or arguments are not part of a healthy relationship, we’ve set unrealistic expectations and against them, we’ll most definitely fail. We might have problems but we still have so much to be grateful for in this relationship. Tomorrow it could be bigger issues, things that are out of our control. How will we win against that?

By putting in constant efforts and remaining patient, is the key to any big or small relationship problems. Unless we start practising putting in constant efforts( without expecting) and being patient, those problems will win over.

Unconditional love never gives up on their partner, especially through rough times because it knows that pain and growth is part of our life. In the end, Hard times pass over with constant efforts and patience but if you made it through, your relationship will be stronger than ever.

Remember, Your relationship is only meant to be if you want it to be.

5. Sharing Routine & Lifestyle.

Now towards the good side of your relationship. You might have vastly different careers, routine, lifestyle or different set of people in your life but it depends on you whether you see it as a blessing or one of the issues. You don’t need to have a similar life to connect deeper with your partner rather leading different lives gives you more things to talk about. You also don’t need to join all of their activities or social gathering to make them feel loved and appreciated or Vice Versa. It’s important that you both grow together otherwise one person will eventually outgrow the other person.

What I recommend is sharing healthy habits or routine with your partner. It could be exercising or meditation or cooking together; maybe you always wanted to learn Latin dance, ask your partner for it. Include your partner in something that you both might enjoy and introduce this idea to them as well, ask for suggestions This idea will give direction to your relationship, a glimpse of your future together because you share your lifestyle and routine with each other. After all, compatibility in long haul relationships needs to be retouched over time.

6. Practice Unconditional love with Yourself

People can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves.

To offer someone unconditional love, we must know what it means to receive it and If we haven’t received it or cultivated it within us, We can’t offer it as well. Of course, we won’t ask you to wait for someone to show you, unconditional love, because that’s like taking a shot in the dark but cultivating it within us? that’s our chance.

Be mindful of how you talk to yourself. If you don’t talk to yourself like a lover and treat yourself with love, you still have unconditional love to give yourself. I have few pointers to start with :

  • Not to judge our thoughts and insecurities. let it come, accept the message and let it go.
  • Keep negative people and their opinion out of your mind. It manifests negativity.
  • check-in with yourself whenever you are upset or lost.
  • Practice taming your ego epically when talking to others.
  • Meditate and exercise
  • Be grateful and express your gratitude every day.
  • be courageous to visualize your goals, set them, implement them, and don’t attach yourself to the outcome.
  • Spread only love and positivity.

Unconditional love isn’t only reserved for our lovers because how can it be? it’s unconditional and that means sharing it with everybody: Your Family, Your friends: people with different opinions: people who are fond of you or not fond of you because unconditional love doesn’t ask for anything in return, rather it’s always giving.

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