How to create peace of mind? 7 different ways to achieve it.

There could be many reasons why one wants to achieve peace of mind. Maybe its the struggle inside or maybe the world is disturbing your vibe. The mind is as complicated as they say. Either it can control you or you can control them and sometimes, We choose to do the latter.

Peace of mind is a mental state of calmness or tranquillity, freedom from worry and anxiety. I consider it as our sixth sense which elevates you to the higher self. Achieving peace of mind connects your mind, body and soul as one. It clears our confusion, poor sense and shows us the reality.

Sometimes our energy gets so low that it can be exhausting to build peace from the core. It affects our routine, our work, our relations, everything. I am certain, None of us wants to waste our time doing nothing except feeling regretful. So I have a list of things which helped me to build back my peace and now it will help you.

Morning Energy

I have said it before and can mention it many more times of how significant your mornings can be to change your entire day. If you wake up late, your day is already half lost. You will not feel the moring energy which is so powerful. Give it a chance and this habit can change mindset and goals.

What to do? Get up early in the morning now I don’t expect you to wake up at 6 AM although kudos if you can but try waking up by 8 AM or 9 AM. if you sleep too late then try getting up by 10 AM ( Max). Avoid checking your phone as it leads to wasting a lot of our morning time. Make yourself a morning drink and practice Yoga even for 15 – 20 min. Yoga in the morning works like magic since you are already calm in the morning and it touches deeper wires inside. It removes all the distraction and negative energy and let you focus on being productive.

Here I have mentioned morning drinks to start your day with. Give ita glance :



Meditation is a lifesaver for someone who is struggling mentally and spiritually. You don’t need to a yoga guru or to have a spiritual nature to seek peace from meditation because it is for everybody.

To start with, sit in comfortable criss-cross position, choose a room with the least noise. For beginners, It’s hard to focus on meditation all by yourself, so choose a meditation track on youtube which is soothing. You can also try a mentor video which guides you step by step for meditation.

Once you are all set, close your eyes and feel everything that comes through with music. let all the vibration, hurtful things which are sitting inside you to come over and feel. If you can bravely feel everything that’s inside you, it can bring tears in your eyes. In my case, I was sobbing and if that happens with you, pat your back after the session.

You did a good job.

Don’t settle down in your comfort zone

To achieve and maintain your peace of mind, you have to keep working on yourself, your goals and ideas that you take seriously otherwise we end up losing our shit by constant worry. For instance, think about the time when your life was fine and sound, yet you still wanted to change it but didn’t know where to start from so you ended up doing nothing except stressing.

Sounds Familiar?

That’s called settling in your comfort zone. What to do? Figure out the first step. You don’t need a blueprint of your plan to start working on it. Take that first step, take that risk to attain calmness and serenity of mind. Get your butt out of comfort zone because nothing grows there.

A Good Cry

This one is occasional. A good cry is very helpful during bad times. Sometimes a series of unfortunate events can keep happening in your life which leaves you shocked and deeply affected. You also notice you haven’t cried once since it all started. Along with that, you are always zoned out, not as active as before then perhaps a good cry will bring you peace of mind.


How many times have you held yourself back from saying something and it kept you restless afterwards? Probably many times. Even if you got a bold personality, you still can struggle from miscommunication. It could be a conflict with your bestie or your partner which can keep you distracted and something as simple as communication with that person can lift the heavyweight from your chest.

Ask yourself: “can my problem can be solved with mere communication?” You will be surprised.

Music Therapy

Music is nothing but magic which is a sensation for your soul. It’s a great way to take a break from a stressful moment or a day and find your escape. Listen to your playlist, all the songs that you have saved throughout the years. It creates a comfortable space to let yourself loose and feel the nostalgia coming in.

Accept the Failure like a boss

when life shows us Rejection, failure, Defeat etc, it can break your spirit and disturb you if not accepted positively. It makes us question whether we are good enough for the things we want?.

Let me tell you something, You deserve all the things you want and more as long as you thrive to achieve them. Instead of seeing failure as a failure, if we see it as an opportunity to get better and come back with a stronger game then nobody can stop you EVER. Embrace your weakness and work on them till it becomes your strength.

Would you not want something just because you have to work for it more?