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Breakup QUIZ- Are you over your ex or you still love him?

When relation ends, it’s called breakup and its because it gives you break to yourself, to figure out what works for you because it clearly didn’t work the last time. If your relation didn’t have many feelings involved then its easy to get over that person.

But if it’s with the one you truly loved then break up can be a hell of a journey( literally). Every once in a while you will ask yourself ‘Am I over him yet?” and that may be is hard to decide on your own since love pretty much destroy all your senses.

So here we are to decide which stage are you on with this bit fun and honest quiz.

Welcome to your Break up Quiz- How over are you from your ex ?

How many times do you cry thinking about your ex?

How Often do you think about your ex or daydream about them ?

If you suddenly see them in public place, how would you react?

At present, are you guys on talking terms?

When you think of your ex with someone else, How do you feel?

Is it hard to get out of bed in morning?

When you hear sad songs from your playlist, Do you think of him?

How long has it been since you broke up with him?

Be honest with me, how often do you miss him?

If he comes back in your life and wants to rekindle your relation, What would you do?

Why do you think it didn't work out with him?

What if i told you that " he is not the one for you?' What would you say to that?