Mental Health: how to fight & strengthen your metal health in 5 different ways.

Simply, Mental health refers to the state of our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects how we feel, our way of thinking and in some cases, how we act. Mentally fit doesn’t mean you don’t have problems in your life but being mentally fit is the ability to manage and tackle your everyday problems with ease and grace and keep reaching for your next individual potential.

The brutal truth is that the people in the current generation gives utmost importance to physical fitness yet totally forget about mental fitness even though it’s just as important, if not more. Being in a position where you feel helpless, lost and no one to understand your feelings could take a huge swing in your life but is it necessary for your life to be falling apart to affect you mentally? Not at all, You could be a successful person and still be fighting every day for your mental health.

If you are fighting every day mentally, know that you are not alone and believe that you will fight through and come out strong. Now, Are their ways to strengthen our mental health? Yes, following ways not only will pull you through the struggle but will also boost your energy to change your life for better.

Social Being

We, humans, are a social being. Naturally, we need a company or a sense of belonging in society. we cannot live in isolation even when we want to shut the world out( especially then). It’s Important for us to connect with someone, whether a friend or a family to feel that sense of mutual love and care. Sharing your stressful thoughts will not burden them but it will remove the heaviness inside of you.

Give yourself a chance to share your journey with someone. If you aren’t ready to talk about your problems, then you don’t have to but remind yourself of how good and lightweight it feels just by having a company of people you care.

Prioritize your Health

Do you prioritize your health above everything? Let’s be honest, there aren’t many of us who make their health a priority and ALSO work for it. When we feel drained or low in life, nothing ordinary excites us, The things we love doing doesn’t excite us anymore. I know you must have faced that because I have gone that through.

Working on your health is a form of self-care and even small habits can put you in a better mood in general. For instance, Brushing your teeth twice a day, Practising Yoga in the morning, Quit smoking (if you do), Quit alcohol (if you drink), Love your body enough to work on it. Create new opportunities, not only to quit your bad habits but to embrace the new ones for betterment of your mental health so let’s bring the change & positive direction in your life. It can and will be the first step towards your journey and success, Would you not even try it?

Love yourself and keep working on it. On that note, Have a look at the post of self-love.


Gratitude and being Humble.

Sometimes we can be self-centred, selfish, one minded person and can forget the value of gratitude. The more egoistic we become, our humbleness goes a little further away from us. so, When we practice gratitude by being kind to others and show our appreciation for the things we have, we become part of something greater than us. No matter how negative you feel inside, Your one act of kindness can bring so much positive energy in you.

No matter how bad the situation we are in, it always could be worse isn’t it? So why not to be thankful for the roof over our head or the meal we had, a supportive family or friends who have been there for us? and above anything else, be thankful for your fighting spirit.

Break your monotonous Routine.

Our everyday routine could be the reason for our misery and we won’t even realise it Why? because we do it every day. But let me ask you something, what do you benefit from your same monotonous routine? probably nothing if you are still struggling for your mental health which is a big sign to break your monotony and add new activities, new habits, new goals in your routine and follow it rigorously.

mental health
You are not alone.

Seek Help

I believe you 100% if you tell me nothing is working out, no matter how much efforts you put or try you best, you are not getting better rather losing the spirit to get better. Sometimes, things do get out of control and to take back that control in life and on your mental health, we have to seek help.

Please, confide in your friends and family but only the ones you trust and who cares for you. If you can’t think of any name, then I am here for you and you can share your part with me and I promise you confidentiality. My email i.d is thehealthymindandsoul@gmail.com

I also advise you to seek professional help because what comes first before anything else is you and your mental health. Do not be afraid or hesitate to take the right step in the right direction.

Fight like a warrior for yourself.