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7 Signs He is Definitely Crazy about You.

Are you crushing on someone and wants to know whether he is crazy about you? or maybe it’s your friend who is acting little different, If you want to know whether he’s into you? We got the answer for you.

Men are simple to figure out, unlike us. If They are crazy about you, they will give you very clear signs intentionally or unintentionally. They do not fool around when they are into someone instead they go all out.

If you find the following signs in your man then he is definitely crazy about you :

When he texts you without thinking twice

Like everyone says, Guys are simple and straightforward. If a guy is not interested, they may take hours to reply or even forget to reply but When they desire somebody, they don’t hold back from texting you first. If they are crazy about you, They will be texting you first most of the time and it’s simply because they don’t worry about “who’s texting first?”. They would rather talk to you and know you more instead of caring about silly games.

He is the Happiest with you

Your company is his favourite company because he can be himself with you. He can’t stop smiling or laughing when he’s around you. If most of your time quality time gets spent on laughing together, behaving silly and joking around, it means you guys have something special. You make him happy and he doesn’t hesitate to show that in front of others as well.

He shares about his life and family.

If it is casual or a fling, Nobody shares any personal learning about their life and family simply because it’s very personal and close to our heart. If someone can openly share and talk about his family, his past and things which changed him, It means they trust you and are comfortable to talk about their intimate matter without hesitation.

He wants to know Everything about you.

Does he ask you a lot of Questions? Does he want to know the detail of everything? Because the only person we want to unravel is the one we admire the most, to learn what makes you “You”.

A guy who is crazy about you will never judge you in any situation rather he will ask your opinion and your side of a story. He will attentively listen to you and will ask follow-up questions. It’s simply because he is curious about you and wants to know everything related to you.

He gets jealous of your Guy Friends.

When it comes to jealousy, Guys are not that great in hiding emotions and act all pretentious. They are actually the opposite of it. Their expression and behaviour alone can tell you the whole story. Notice how he act when you mention any datable guy. Does he suddenly become quiet? or give you cold shoulder? or maybe get mat at you without any reason? Well, its simply because he gets jealous thinking of you with any other men.

Jealousy is a natural emotion to feel however still need to be controlled but one thing it sure tells you that you are falling for that person

He can’t get enough of you, Literally.

When you genuinely like someone, You despise the physical distance that is keeping you apart, consequently, you want to touch them, talk to them, stand close to them. It could be simpler things as well like nudging your arms playfully or leaning towards you. When a man is crazy about you, he loves touching you and gazing at you because you bring his best side out and he enjoys himself being around you.

He remembers little things about you

Let’s be honest, many of us aren’t great remembering dates or special events But when someone walks in our life and become important to us, we pay attention to every detail because we want to understand them. Same way, A man who is into you will remember the smallest of detail about you For instead – What kind of coffee you like? What’s your favourite food? If you like Lily or Roses? and it’s not only about preferences. It’s also when he remembers every conversation with you and can give you references. He remembers the date of when you met for the first time. All small things yet it shows attachment.

If he remembers them well, He is clearly crazy about you.

Another question you can ask yourself is whether you love them or not? and if you are confused, give this a post a glance. Hope it helps.