Why a Creator Mindset is important to own? 3 essentials to a creator mindset.

You would be surprised to know how many small elements we have in this life and if you explore it, brings you one step closer to achieve insight and balance in life. One of the small elements is concluding if you have a creator mindset? and if not, is it doing anything for you?

If you ask why am I talking about negative or creator mindset? I got you.

Mindset is a set of belief and a way of thinking which determine our behaviour, action and mental attitude. Everyone has one including you and me. A creator mindset would support your dreams, keeps you mentally balance. It’s like eating vegetables every day because you know it keeps your body healthy and sound. on the other hand, a negative mindset can restrict you to evolve. it can stop you from working hard for your dreams because a negative mindset is good with excuses.

Let’s dive deep and analyse our mindset and change the things if needed :

A Creator Mindset

A creator mindset would be someone who creates his values and ethics. What works for him and don’t get influenced by society’s opinion because they value their judgement and observation. it’s not that such people are superhuman but they have overcome the stage of lazing around, wasting time and not coming to the point. They create their purpose, believe in it and work hard to achieve it.

3 elements which you will find in a creator mindset are the following:

Hard Worker

A creator mindset is someone who realizes their potential and actively and passionately works hard to reach their goals and what matters the most to them not the destiny but the journey because it’s the learning which shapes you into a wiser and experienced person. You can put hard work in learning anything and your goal is reachable. In simple words, skill or talent is not you are born with but earn it with dedication and hard work.

How do you work hard? what’s the secret sauce of working hard?

Self-discipline. Its mere self-discipline of adopting good habits and then repeating them over and over. For instance, When You start yoga, Doing it one day will not do you anything but it’s the practice of doing it every day which will give you health benefits that you are aiming for. The same way, you work hard by adopting self- discipline. Now I don’t ask you to take the 10th step and overload yourself and end up quitting the whole plan.

But take that 1st step. Create one good habit and stick by it, no matter what. If you succeed, You will entertain another good habit and will stick to it. Gradually, You will find yourself more self-discipline and actively working to fulfil your goals.


You can be either optimistic or pessimistic at one point in time. Let me clarify what it means. If you have a half-filled glass of water, Would you see it as half-empty glass or would you see it as half-full glass?

If you said half-empty glass, you are pessimistic, meaning you have a negative outlook in life and you anticipate the worst-case scenario in any given situation. In simple words “you expect the worst out of any situation”.

On the other hand, If you said “Half-full glass”, you are optimistic, meaning you have a positive outlook and hope for the best even in an unlikely scenario. It’s important to be optimistic in life, general. Whenever you anticipate any future events or circumstances, it’s important not to get anxious or stressed about it rather our course of action should be to understand it positively and search proactively for any obstacles and attempt to remove them. Another thing, it makes you better at coping with difficult life events because when you keep a positive outlook and remain hopeful, it starts reflecting in your actions and discussions and eventually, become your reality.

The world is filled with possibilities. You can choose any outcome which suits you or reach any goal which you set. Having an optimist mind will keep you motivated and push you forward towards your destiny.

Set Fulfilling Goals

Our Goals should be something we care about or passionate about. If through influence, I have set a goal which doesn’t excite me or motivate me to work then it will not give me a sense of satisfaction when I will achieve it so it’s necessary to choose a meaningful goal which you care about because only then you will be able to enjoy growing and working hard.

While setting a goal, choose one which is more realistic yet challenging for you. Realistic, because you will set many goals in life, you can’t have one goal for your entire life, it’s one goal after another. Your goal should be workable. For instance, If you want a healthy body then your goal should be to eat vegetables and practise yoga every day which will eventually give me a healthy body. Add one element of your goal in your daily routine. It could be anything, reading, writing or working, whatever it may be, just follow it rigorously.

Your goals should also be challenging and scary because it will pull you out of comfort zone and we all know, nothing grows on the comfort zone. You will fail while reaching for your goals and it’s a very natural part so embrace all your failure and still stay strong and motivated to accomplish your goal. Surprise yourself by reaching your full potential and more.

It’s important to have a creator mindset but it’s also important to have that peace of mind to adapt to new changes. If you are curious about creating peace of mind then I recommend you to give this post a read.