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Are you in Love ? 6 Signs You are falling for them.

Have you met someone new and created a special bond? or maybe it’s one of your friends who gently stole your heart.

Love is a beautiful thing. It’s the reason why poetry exists and butterflies in the stomach is a real thing.  If you got yourself thinking “Am I in love?”, You definitely feel something for them but sometimes it can be hard to understand, what exactly those feeling are. People often confuse love with infatuation. Love and infatuation are two different things.

Infatuation is an attachment that you develop at the initial time when you find them Attractive. It is passionate and intense yet short-lived. You build ideas and an idealistic figure of that person in your mind and for that reason, they seem perfect and dreamy to you. but if you’ll start getting to know them, infatuation can lead to love.

We have some obvious signs that can help us to know if you are falling for them and if you end up relating with all these signs, then you are positively falling in love.


You are Happier than before

Remember the time when you haven’t even met them? were you happier back then or is it now?

When you are in love, your person can make you happier than ever. A right relationship can bring peace and harmony when it carries the right energy. it doesn’t distract you from your goals or keep you stressed instead, it pushes you toward the right direction and motivates you to be a better version of yourself.  You evolve into a more lively and happy spirit.



You Adore them, Unconditionally.

Despite their annoying habits, You adore the hell out of them. Even when in love, they can and will test your patience and sometimes will disappoint you, unintentionally but notice when they are around, how you can’t keep your hands to yourself, I bet you can’t even stand the space in between so you scoot closer and closer until there’s no space left. Maybe it’s their funny face or their silly smile but you just love all of it. You admire their imperfection, You love their goofiness and goodness.

If you know what exactly am talking about, boy you are definitely in love.

You stay calm and remain patient.

You might be the person who doesn’t give second chances easily but with them, You give as many as they require. When you love someone, you work things out no matter how hard by staying calm during fights and heated arguments and remaining patient while explaining your side because they are worth it. You can’t imagine yourself with someone else.

Sure, they get angry in fights and sometimes show pride But when the time comes, You would rather resolve your issue together than start a cold war.



You know them Inside Out.

Loving someone means being intrigued by everything they like or do. From their favourite food to know their friends and families. You know their goals, their concern, their weakness and strength. You want to unravel and understand them. Their titter tatter can never bore you because it’s hilarious and you love it. The apple of your eye because they brighten your world just by existing in it.

Relatable? Guess somebody is falling.

Everything is Fun With them.

Since when spending a Saturday night, drinking wine and watching a movie became a thing? well Since you love them, LOL.

” What you wanna do?” is not a primary concern because seeing each other is more important, Fun usually follows you whenever you are together anyways. You don’t need fancy dinners or exotic location to go out and enjoy instead it could be movie nights or afternoon naps, you name it. Even if it’s about regular chores,  be it cleaning the house, cooking, grocery shopping, you simply enjoy their company and wouldn’t replace it for anything.


You want the best for them.

Love is not obsessive, toxic or selfish. Love is about giving, receiving and caring for the other person you love. Imagine, If you are not together, you wouldn’t wish them a miserable life or an unhappy one?

love teaches you to appreciate them whether they stay in your life or not. If you believe, they deserve a tragic life cuz you aren’t in it, then that is not loving, my dear. Love is wishing them a happy life whether you are part of it or not. Their happiness and their well being come first to you no matter where life takes them, if you can wish them happiness and wellness and not any harm then I think its pure love and it’s beautiful.

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