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5 Morning Drinks to Improve Your Health & Immunity.

Your Morning Routine after you wake up plays a huge role. It has the power to make or break your day. For instance, After waking up, the first thing you do is pick up your phone and start watching Reels until you are late for work or classes. This type of morning can surely give you stress.

It’s important to set some time aside Before you start your day. Call it your “ME TIME”. You can wake up half an hour before time, Drink healthy, exercise, meditate or eat a healthy Breakfast. Starting your day without stress and adopting healthy habits guarantee you a good day.

Is your current goal to lose weight, be more productive, or just to get healthy & fit? You can gradually attain all that as long as you start your morning right. The first step is to be thoughtful about what you drink in the morning.

When we wake up, our stomach is generally empty since we haven’t eaten anything all night. That’s the best time to add a morning drink to improve overall health and digestion. I have made a list of drinks that do wonders on an empty stomach. You can add them to your morning routines if you like:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar with Water

apple cider vinegar morning drink

It’s an ancient drink that comes with a lot of benefits, not only it’s helpful to lose weight but it improves your digestion, lowers blood sugar level, lowers cholesterol and improves your heart health.

Since it has bitter taste, Please add only 1 – 2 tablespoon to your drink. For better taste and results, add honey to your drink. Studies have shown, People who drink apple cider on a daily basis, consume less amount of food as cider vinegar makes you feel full and controls your overeating.

  • Lemon Water

morning drink. lemon with water

Lemon already has many benefits of its own. Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach gets your digestive stomach moving. This also, helps in weight loss. It improves your skin as lemon has vitamin C which helps to reduce skin wrinkles, and protects your skin from UV exposure. You can drink a big cup of warm water with lemon (You can add 1 spoon of honey as well). You will feel light and energized and ready to take on the day.

For Best result to lose weight, Add Chia seeds in the drink.

  • Turmeric Water

In India, Turmeric is the King of Kitchen. We have been adding turmeric in our curries and recipes from a very long time. The same spice is also used used for medical purposes.

Another Fun Fact of Turmeric – In Indian Weddings, We organize a huge ceremony to apply Haldi (turmeric) to both bride and groom for Beautiful and glowing skin.

This Spice has many benefits and must be considered to add in morning ritual. You can simply add one tablespoon of turmeric in warm water and that’s it. It’s a great drink to improves immunity and health. It promotes skin health and lowers cancer risk because turmeric is one of the best ways to prevent tumors caused by radiation exposure.

Add On: You can also drink turmeric milk, which speeds up your healing process and beneficial for joint pain as well.

  • Ginger Tea

For all the Tea lovers who cannot start their day without tea in the morning. This one is for you. Ginger tea is a great substitute of regular tea and comes with many benefits.

If you wake up with nausea and uneasiness in the morning, Ginger helps in reliving nausea and motion sickness. It also has volatile oils with anti-inflammatory properties, helps in headache, chest congestion, colds, flu and menstrual pain as well.

It boosts your immunity and improves your stomach digestion. Ginger tea has calming properties that may help lower stress and tension because of its strong aroma and healing properties.

  • Green Tea

I think you will know the health benefits of green tea better than me. It’s very popular and knows as Fitness drink. It increases your metabolism and thus, helps in weight loss. It reduces bad cholesterol, maintaining the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol and it also reduces the risk of heart disease.

I personally like Green tea with few lemon drops and black pepper. You can have Green Tea Two- three times a day. Anything more should be avoided. Do let me know if you have any drink that does wonder for you and i will add them in the list (After trying them myself)