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Asking “Should I Move On or Wait ?” Wise Advice for Everyone.

Whether it’s your relationship with your ex or if it’s someone you like but if you find yourself asking ‘Should I wait or move on?’ then you need to do some thinking. It’s not easy to stage to be at because if you are considering to move on, then you must be hurting somewhere or feeling stuck. Well, first of all, it’s amazing you are considering to move on because it only gets better from here.

Now, what are the scenarios if you are entertaining to move on?

‘When you like someone and you are waiting for them to propose to you, ask you etc.”

“When you have broken up with your ex and find yourself in dilemma thinking “should I wait or move on?’

Whatever your situation is, let’s think about it from another perspective.

should you wait or move on

“What is Moving on?”

We always attach moving on with something which has ended or a dead relationship, making it more painful than it is. Moving on simply means to detach yourself from something which no longer serves you. It’s the decision to not wait for someone else to make you happy instead, you concentrate on other things and generate your happiness.

You don’t need to unlove someone to move on. When you think moving on means getting over someone and completely forgetting them, that’s where it becomes complicated and that’s why so many people are scared to even consider moving on.

But it’s nothing like it. Moving on is kind of self-care. When you put your best efforts into a relationship but you don’t receive any love or affection, it creates suffering and unsurety inside us. You can’t sit still and wait for things to change around. It’s also true that you have no control over your partner’s decision or opinion. So What should you do?

You need to shift your focus from your love life to other aspects of your life like your work life, your family relations, your career choices, your dream vacation, your goals, your mental health, your personality and so many more.

Love blinds us temporarily, there’s no denying that because we make it our priority in life. Suddenly, There happiness becomes your happiness, their pain becomes your pain. Everything you want to do includes them while we do nothing for ourselves. It’s natural to get scared at first with the idea of moving on and it will not be easy either because it’s challenging but once you are past that shock and denial phase after a break-up, pour your energy and hard-work into other aspects and they will elevate you higher and push you forward in the right direction.

Should you wait or move on?

I would never suggest to Wait on someone or something because it’s highly possible that whatever you are rooting for, might not even happen and when it will not happen, it can leave you feeling helpless and miserable. Why can’t we make ourself happy instead of waiting for someone else to do it, right? So even if you are considering to wait on someone, you still have to move on with your life, period.

However, a few times in our life, We feel a connection or a bond with someone which makes it hard to give up on them because we are so drawn to them. I feel you. It happens so let me clarify my take on this:

If it’s someone you like and you are waiting for them to ask you out.

If you are crushing on someone or if you admire them and you can’t even think about anyone else but them. Chances are they don’t even know how you feel about them and if that’s the case, then you should take the first step and admit your feelings to them. Even if they have an idea about your feelings for them, still seek them out and confess. It will give you a relief by getting it out of your chest.

In the end, It’s their choice that will show you the clear picture. We can’t change their decision but we can show our sincerity by expressing our feelings. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability, cuz you would have to. After all, it’s a matter of the heart.

Whatever their decision might be, respect it and move forward. If they don’t return the same feeling for you, remember if they can’t appreciate what you bring to the table, they certainly don’t deserve you. Save your efforts and love for someone who will love you for who you are.

if it’s your ex and you are passively waiting for them.

Things are a little complicated when it comes to our exes. If you recently broke up with your partner, there could be many reasons why that happened. What matters is ‘what do you want right now?’If you are waiting for your ex to change his mind or to forget all issues and take you back then am afraid you are in denial mode and hasn’t accepted the breakup. In that case, you should focus on your healing first because you are probably still hurt from the break-up. If you are denying healing because you are subconsciously waiting for him to come back, will only frustrate you.

Let go because your break up is now in your past. I am sure you must have tried everything to save it and you could have done even more, given the opportunity but the truth is you can’t control someone’s decision, you can only accept it. What you can control is your action, your perception and how you move forward from there. You can focus on lifting yourself higher and raising your standards or you can drown in the misery of breakup and waiting in vain for him.

Your consistent hard work on taking care of yourself will bring healthy and grounded changes in you. Whether they come back or not, You will have your peace and calmness with you and believe, that’s what matters the most.

The choice is yours.

But If you sometimes think that you might be over him and If you want to know how you feel about him Try the break up quiz and see if you are over him by taking this quiz.