Personality Quiz – Are you simple and sorted person or complicated one?

So many people are obsessed to tell you “You are so Complicated” but are you really complicated? or do you think you are more sorted and grounded as a person?

Before we get into this, let me clarify what it means to be a simple person:

A simple person is someone who is uncomplicated. They’re grateful for the little things in life. They don’t try to impress, they’re humble. They know what really matters and what doesn’t.

What’s a complicated person you ask?

The definition of complicated is someone who is hard to understand and they can be quite indecisive.

So many questions. so Let’s settle this Whether you are complicated or a simple person with this personality quiz.

Welcome to Are you a complicated person or a simple one. Lets find that out.

If we say " You are a predictable person''. What are your views ?

How many secrets do you have that no one knows of ?

How often do you find yourself being completely honest ?

You mostly are calm and organized person, what's your take on this?

If we talk about Gender equality, LGBT community or gay rights. Which will be your statement?

If we look at your relationship history, what will we observe ?

Your ex partners mostly complained about this issue related to you?

Do you consider yourself beautiful and does beauty matter to you?

If you have to empathize with your friend because she lost her job, How will you react?

What do you Honestly feel about yourself?