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6 Signs Why your Single Life is The Best

Are you currently single? Well so am i. Being single is way more fun. Society might have different views than us as they consider single life a Loner’s place but honestly who cares about their opinion?

Freedom is as beautiful as they say in a single life. If you focus on yourself, you grow as a person. Now, I am not saying to ditch the whole plan of finding a partner but till you find the right one, Enjoy the time.

Here are 6 reasons why single life is the Best.


It’s good when someone keeps checking up on you but you know what, its surprisingly not bad either when someone doesn’t. If you recently have become single, it will take time to adjust by being yourself but once you get comfortable in your space, you will start loving the Me time.

Many of us prefer space in our life. To do our thing without interrogation and permission but it’s hard to achieve when you are in a relationship. When you again start doing things independently, you reconnect to yourself. You realize your need, your ambition and gradually become self-sufficient.

You Are Having Fun.

Who thought it could be this fun as well right? You don’t stop yourself from having pleasure. Sure, having a boyfriend is fun but you are way more fun, trust me. Whether its any plan to catch up with your friends or even with family, You take every opportunity to have a good time. See, we all are sulking for someone in life but it’s also important to enjoy your time.

If you are doing this, I am proud of you.

Career Oriented.

I know, a little serious Headline but hear me out, How many things have you thought that you want to pursue, it could be a degree or job interview you want to crack or even to fully change your industry. You get plenty of time to utilize to accomplish your goals and once you are determined, trust me, nobody can stop you.

Standards Have been raised.

Now I might not know why it didn’t work out with your ex but surely you saw something in them that you don’t want in your next partner. Were they possessive and maniac? hmm, mine too. Since you are loving your me time, you will not settle until you find the right one.

It’s essential not to be desperate to find a relationship when you are single, Otherwise, you will end up miserable and confused. Take time to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t take them seriously unless someone can offer you love as much as you have for yourself.

Your Friends are Great.

Yes, When you have a boyfriend, your every other plan(or every plan) involves them. You hang out a lot less with your friends when you are in a relationship. Once you start spending time with your friends, you realize how fun your friends are. They make you laugh like no one else can and they stick with you through thick and thin.

So go hug them because they are lovely.

Sorted life.

The real beauty of being single is no more messed up mind and distractions. The partnership takes a lot of mental space in our head thus we lose our focused thoughts. All the stress and frustration of any relationship can exhaust our energy. Being single is the time when you unclutter your head and sort your life out. Remove all the toxicity from your mind and build a peaceful space for new thoughts and life.