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Another Summer day, and here we are. Now, when you consider working on your body and health, the next question that comes to mind, is whether you should join a gym or exercise at home or just focus on diet. Some people get an additional question in their head if they should start Yoga.

Well, the answer to it really depends on what is your goal? They all are relevant to each other but a master in their own stream. For example, if you want to lose weight in less time, then gyming and cardio would be best for you.

let me simplify your choice and guide you to your best course of action.


Exercise or Cardio workout is a physical activity performed to gain many benefits. The more intense workout, the more calories you burn. If you want muscular physique, lose weight, belly fat or, get fitter and any of these are your goals, then cardio /exercise will suit you better.

It also helps in improving your health condition, your sleep, your mood and boost your energy.


YOGA word derives Sanskrit word “YUJ’ which means union. Yoga helps in strengthen and relaxing the body, harmonize the body and mind through breathing exercises, physical exercises and meditation.

Yoga makes you more flexible, more focused and it connects your mind with your body. It is a kind of meditation

With practising Asana(Yoga poses), you will find the right postures which help to reduce body pain, strengthen your muscle and your Bones.

There are some Asans, that can help you to lose weight with Yoga, though, it’s achievable with time and practice however Cardio in other hands, will give you result in efficient time but it will hardly offer any mental calmness or harmony.

I would say Yoga is an exercise for your mind and soul. If you want to stay lean or maintain your body and be more woke or aware of the inside, then yoga is for you.

If by any chance, you are still confused, Well don’t worry, because you can practice for both, 2 to 3 yoga session and 4 to 5 cardio session a week and you are all set.

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