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Is Vulnerability important in a Relationship? 4 Ways to be more Vulnerable with your partner.

Maybe the word ” Vulnerability” also sends a chill down your spine and makes you freeze at the moment if it needs you to be vulnerable.

Being Vulnerable can be a piece of a cake for some people and others, a moment of terror. A moment where they simply prefer to stay silent or dodge any question which compels them to open up or share their heart because that’s how they naturally respond to vulnerability, being heavily guarded of their emotions and their weaknesses.

Vulnerability in our relationship with others is the willingness to share our truest emotions, weakness, desire and needs without fearing judgement or seeking approval. It’s the moment where you share your most fragile yet authentic self with your partner even if you don’t know how well they’ll respond.

Is it important to be Vulnerable to your partner?

Any relation lacking vulnerability doesn’t stand a chance to long last no matter how great your chemistry is or how happy you guys are together A relationship when shared vulnerability with your partner brings trust and intimacy. You sense a deeper connection which builds trust when you let them in. Vulnerability brings empathy and understanding to the relationship. When you choose to share your fragile moment with your partner. Not only would they feel privileged that you chose to share such a vulnerable moment with them but they also get a chance to understand your situation, even if they can’t relate.

In any relationship, two people need to grow together to create a strong partnership. It’s not about who’s better at controlling their temper or who has more patience but it’s about finding the source of such emotions together, whether in you or your partner and work it out. Together.

How to cultivate Vulnerability in your relationship and be more open with your partner? Hear me out :


Acknowledge and Accept:

If you find yourself being hesitant to share your vulnerable moment with your partner or close friends, then consider sitting down and patiently seek answers of “why you feel that way?’ or “What’s stopping you to share your moment?’ if it’s any fear then where is it coming from?

Is it the fear of being judged by someone you love? or maybe it’s the past hurt or trauma that stops you from opening up. Once you find and acknowledge where it’s coming from. Accept it with an open heart and know that whatever that fear might be, is unreasonable and does not matter to your partner because they love you for who you are and the right partner will appreciate your braveness instead of judging you or questioning your intentions.

And if they decide to question your intentions or make you feel small, You don’t need that toxicity and even the same partner in your life.

Slowly with Time.

You can’t decide to be vulnerable overnight and share everything the next day with your partner because it also requires trust and a healthy environment for you to fully open up. Rather, take the first step by sharing something small yet meaningful with you. For instance, you can talk about your relationship with your family or your close friends; it could be a discussion about your future goal and why does it matter to you. When you notice your partner supporting you and appreciating it would encourage you to share a little more, making you come out of your shell.

We can bring Vulnerability in any conversation if you decide to express your emotion attached to it and slowly with time, you will embrace openness, making your relationship more transparent and stronger than ever.

Open Heartedness

Another simple way to make yourself more open emotionally is by responding to the emotional conversation. How many times do you hold yourself back or completely ignore the mellow feeling when your partner upsets you, intentionally or unintentionally? So this time, Instead of keeping that hurt to yourself, choose to share “how you felt” right at that moment with your partner.

Share what you are feeling and why you feel that in your perspective. You will be surprised to see how much clarity it brings you toward your relationship with your partner.


Make your Partner part of your Journey

Our partner’s support could mean everything to us especially in our vulnerable moment. If you fully trust your partner and their intention then I would encourage you to make your partner a part of this process by proactively asking what you need from them or how can they support you. By doing this, you not only give your partner an active choice but their response will help you discover how healthy your relationship is and where it stands.

Is there a possibility you might get disappointed after such a conversation? Yes but there’s also a high possibility of you feeling heard and loved after the same conversation. Allow your partner to care for you and if they respond with kindness and compassion, you’ll feel understood and more connected with your partner like never before.

And you totally deserve that.

If you are seeking ways to make your relation stronger or even inquisitive about it. I suggest you give this post a read, hope it helps.