Tough Times- 5 Ways to Survive and be stronger

Tough times are hard to pass. They are part of life and always will be. Life hits you in knees, hurt you and analyze how well can you take it. it depends on you whether you come out stronger or let it weaken you. Has it ever happened that you found an emergency exit in tough times and took it, without facing the bad times? It didn’t and it will not.

The good thing is that you can build up the courage to face your challenge whether its a personal crisis or at work. After all, everything you do in life is personal because it can affect you.

Here how you can get through tough times when life is testing you.

Build Resistance

Its easier said than done especially when its matter related to your family or yourself. There will be times when your hardship becomes harder and harder. Each day might not be better than the last day and I am sorry to burst your bubble but life can do you like that. How do you cop then?

You simply build resistance. Every time you hit with a problem, you pass through it and still work for your future. Dwelling on a problem will not do you any good simply because life goes on. Don’t let your life problems stop you, instead of phase it out, Feel it in and out and yes it will make you vulnerable so be it. Once your problem is not news for you, get back on track.

Don’t Feel sorry for yourself.

It’s this phase that still moves me ”God only help those, who help themselves.”

Its the truth in every world and dimension. You can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to help themselves and feeling sorry is part of it. ‘Why all this is happening to me?’, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’. ‘Why god doesn’t help me?’ are some of the question you should refrain yourself from asking. face the fact, there are millions of people out there, facing a lot worse problems than you. Some are crying over there difficulties and some are silently moving on. Now it depends on you, What side you want to be?.

You are a fully capable human being to earn your money, face difficult life choices and to even influence people around you. Feeling sorry shouldn’t be a question. Instead, realise the power that sits inside you, it can do wonders. Let that power guide you to take charge of your life again.

Remain Hopeful.

Whatever you are going through will come to an end even though it might doesn’t feel like it. There’s a day after every night. so first, Believe that your hardship will come to an end and you will see a day soon where you will not have a single problem. I agree that it takes efforts to stay hopeful especially in bad times.

You see, Better days will come in your life despite whatever I or you say. The point is to keep that in mind. Sometimes, we get so consumed by our pain that we can’t picture better days. Let me tell you, That pain is not the end of you. Give assurance to yourself whenever you feel like crying or feel defeated.

Despite what the world says, Staying hopeful for good days will give you the courage to keep walking despite how tough it becomes.

Remove the mind Clutter.

Clutter in my dictionary simply means -Waste. Its the waste that you keep in your head which takes up a lot of space. This means all your overthinking, your ‘What If’ situations and other waste that you have kept in your brain.

Its a WASTE, get rid of it. I might sound harsh but it’s for your good. Firstly, You are going through a lot, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Instead of saving your energy, You are wasting it by imagining the unimaginable?. By overthinking your problems, you are making your baggage heavier.

News Alert, with or without your overthink mind, things will happen as it’s supposed to be. Don’t water your thoughts which will make you more anxious, worries and depressed. Remove that waste of thought and make space for more productive, more clear thoughts.

Don’t isolate yourself.

Just Don’t okay. I know life can be so hard sometimes, that we don’t feel like talking to anyone even family. Given choice, we would prefer to stay in a dark room with our dark thoughts and no one to share our thought too. Because it’s hard to socialize when our energy is all negative and blue. but doing this will only push you further.

Go, talk to your mom, your brother, your best friend and it doesn’t have to be the conversation you are not ready to have but anything. Maybe about your studies, or the boy you like. If you can’t initiate the conversations than also don’t withdraw when they try to come to talk to you.

They are the people you love and being with them will keep you sane and sometimes that’s all you need.

Whoever you are, that are reading this, I hope your life gets better than ever.