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The Secret of healthy relationships for Millennials.

We, Women, love talking about boys and relationships but it’s not our fault because Men are capable to keep us on the edge and drive us crazy. It’s also true that It’s not just men that can ruin a perfect relationship.
But sometimes, God sends a lovable and kind guy who seems perfect to see our future with.
Ladies, it can be us too. Whether a previous relationship trauma, your past or maybe simply because this is your first relationship ever. I have seen a very perfect relationship falling apart, I have experienced it myself. So we ask ourself “how do we get a healthy relationship?”
Today, I want to share the core ingredients, simple yet effective ways to nurture your healthy relationships while keeping them fresh, fun and timeless.


Initially, when you start dating a girl/guy, You would always find yourself intimidated by their presence and that’s okay. If you see your potential partner in them and want to move things forward, You should find your comfort zone with them. Be yourself around them, no pretence. Because you can’t make any relation healthy until you are calm and comfortable around them.
I am not saying, show your freak side on the very first date but naturally find your space to be yourself around them and if they are the right person, they will be your friend in no time.
If for some reason, No matter how hard you try, you always find yourself conscious, nervous wreck and uncomfortable around them, this could be the red flag.


There’s no better time than to spend time with our friends. They make you laugh, call you stupid and protect you from the world. Do you have to think twice before blurting it out? No right? Friends always bring your best side. so now let me ask you, Are you the same fun-loving and stupid as your partner?
If no, here lies the next step. Make your girl/guy your friend over time. When you share your feelings and life experiences and even some boring details with them, they start trusting you way more. this will make them share about themself.
Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship. Try to achieve a space where both of you can talk without any filters. Every person needs this quality in their future partner.
Warning: If you find them confidential, never sharing much or keep secrets, despite you might have shared everything with them. it’s another red flag that needs to be checked.


All relationships come with many ups and downs, and you might find yourself confused and Indecisive. Remember, if your ego comes first for you, then you can’t maintain a relationship, at least not for a long time. Sometimes, you need to set your pride and ego aside and do your best to save your relationship, even with the right person.
It’s okay to text them first, it’s okay to call them first, it’s okay to resolve your issues first. It’s okay to tell them how you feel. To have a healthy relationship, You also need to adopt healthy habits.
But you know what is not okay? Always being the first one to text, always the one to say sorry, always the one to put all effort into. If this is the case, Stop there. Either they have taken you for granted, or don’t really love you. In any case, you don’t need such a relationship darling.


Every single friend, relationship expert or even counsellor will tell you to ‘Just Communicate’ and really it’s that simple in a relationship. communication is important, so there won’t be any misunderstanding, it’s important so they don’t feel confused about you and your feeling, it’s important, so they will know you give a shit about them.
One fight and will test your understanding with each other, and the only thing that will save your relationship is *you guessed it* Communication. Otherwise, your whole relation can fall apart, if not right away then eventually.
So JUST TALK GUYS. With the right conversation, you will become more transparent and more faithful, which would make your healthy relationship stronger.


After a few months of dating, your love life could become another one of your routines. It’s a must to sustain your Healthy relationship and also to keep the spark alive. If your all dates have been outdoor, well then bring it at home and spend some quality time with each other. If you have always been going out for brunch or dinner, then try going out shopping together, or amusement park or join any fancy dance classes. if you have been chilling at home a lot, then try going out. Keep changing your ambience. Create your own fun together.
Don’t limit yourself to all the things that you can do with them. Do everything with them, keep it dynamic and loving.
P.S – I love Ross and Rachel.