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Skin Care- The essential 6 steps for Beautiful Skin.

All around the world, If anything is most appreciated, Its the Beauty and why shouldn’t it be. We all very deeply care about our looks and skin and why shouldn’t we?. Its the first impression of everything, It can boost your confidence if you feeling great about skin.

Your body and face have two different skin, One is more fragile than the other and yes it’s your face skin which is thinner and that’s why we need to take extra care of our skin. Remember, taking care of your skin is equal to taking care of yourself, so do it properly.

Our face skincare routine has so many products and everyone has different routine but what are must product for healthy skin? Let’s talk about it.


Truth to be told, I didn’t apply sunscreen for most of life and I didn’t care about it either. Once I read about the importance of sunscreen, I gave it a try and now I can assure you, It’s a vital part of healthy skin. It protects your skin from harmful raises of sun and other UV exposure damages. keep in mind, It’s not only when you go outside but wear it inside too if your house has windows.

You can apply sunscreen after your moisturizer and try to use a sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF for effective protection.

Body Butter

Body Butter not only smells nice but work nicely as well. If you are wondering what’s the difference between a body butter and body lotion or cream, let me help you out.

The body butter is the thickest moisturizer whereas, body lotion is thinner than body butter and cream. Both products moisturize but body butter last longer than any other which helps to reduce dryness, dullness and your skin become more alive with hydration. Mostly body butter has added essential oil and they smell amazing.

Apply body butter at a time when you aren’t in a rush as they take time to absorb in the skin, maybe an evening time or overnight.


CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning and Mostiurier. I mentioned this point separately because it plays a crucial role in our skincare routine. It’s a routine we follow whenever we wash our face but what I want to highlight is to not skip any step any part of it often. There been times when I skipped a part of it just because I was feeling lazy.

Cleansing helps to remove all dirt and impurities from your face followed by Toner, Which tightens your pores and work on your skin texture and lastly moisturizer nourishes your skin. If you already follow it rigorously, good for you but if you sometimes get moody or lazy like me, let’s do it better.

Nighttime Serum

Its nighttime serum we are highlighting because it has a reason. All the products we apply at day times are to protect our skin from pollution, sun exposure, UV rays etc however our nighttime routine is to repair our skin. We always want our skin to look better than yesterday and so it’s essential to apply the product which promotes healing and improvement of the skin.

Nightime serum helps to revitalize and repair your skin and gives you smooth tone and glowy skin in the morning.

Exfoliate once in a while

Thanks to the weird creatures which stick to our skin like lovers and here I am talking about whiteheads and blackheads. So what they do is clog our pores and fill it dirt and don’t come out unless we squeeze the shit out of them. Another thing is dead cells which block the nutrition to absorb in our skin. So its healthy choice to exfoliating once in a while. Once or twice a week exfoliation is enough to solve that problem.

WATER Intake

It’s not a surprise how much benefits you receive just by drinking water and on the true ground basis, WATER is that important. When you don’t drink enough water, your skin looks pale which doesn’t look good in the mirror and also very dull. Not to mention, not drinking water can cause pimples and puffiness.

On the Brighter Side, If you do drink enough water, it prevents acne and gives you healthier skin. It also reduces dryness and if you regularly sufficiently drink water, your skin looks more bright and radiant.

Besides, it doesn’t hurt to drink more water, Right?