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3 Elements in long-lasting and strong relationships.

Relations are as simple as Rubik’s cube. Some people are naturally good at it and the rest of us keep struggling to even maintain it. It’s true to say that its easier to get into a relationship than to maintain it. Since the relationship is our investment of emotions and feelings, it’s more essential to make it passionate and long-lasting.

But why do we struggle most of the time to find a decent companion?

Love starts with a mere simple attraction and slowly develop into a deeper affection. When two people have mutual love in their relation, only then it stands a chance to grow into a healthy and wholesome relationship. So do ask yourself prominently “do you love him/her ?” and if you have some introspection to do about it, give a glance at this following post to identify whether you are in love or not.

Now coming back to relationships, What are the 3 elements which power up your relationship and make it long-lasting? Hear me out:

 Elements in long-lasting relationship


Compatibility is not the base ground of any relationship but it is a powerful trait for a thriving relationship. Compatibility in my words are simply how similar are you with each other? or How similar your thought process is?

Have you heard the phrase”Cut from the same cloth”? Well, same thing.

Without compatibility, your relationship can work at the start, but in the long run, you need someone who understands you inside out. If your partner is the opposite of you(in nature), they can misunderstand you pretty often. Whereas, a compatible partner is better at reading you, understanding your intentions and motives which makes that relationship extraordinary and long-lasting.

How cool is that?


If it’s one thing that makes your relationship deeper and admirable, it’s our vulnerability. In simple language, how often do you keep your guards down when you’re with your partner? Can you share your weakest, hurtful moments with your partner? can you be emotionally naked in front of your partner without the fear of being judged?

Sharing your desire, your strength, your weaknesses, your strength as well as your dark side with someone and being comfortable with it. When you share a bond with someone, vulnerability adds more emotions and attachment making relation loving and beautiful.

Any relation without vulnerability is either toxic or very dry. Think about it, Did your toxic relation with those fuckboys had any vulnerability? OFCOURSE not. If your relationship is missing vulnerability then its not possible to maintain it long-lasting. Open your heart out and put your guards down and just ‘Be vulnerable’.

Trust And loyalty

Ahhh, The main headliners of relationships topics “Trust and Loyalty”. These both two go in hand in hand. We can’t mention Trust without loyalty and what good loyalty is without trust?

Trust is what moves the relationship forward. The moment it fiddles, it becomes a shaky ride. to build a great relation, You need to have trust in your partner, in their intentions and that they love you. Listen to your partner more often, give them the support and trust they need instead of choosing to be suspicious. Being suspicious without any reason with your partner is tiresome and exhaustive for them. Its also not about who is wrong or right. It’s simple, if a relation doest have any trust, it will not grow and will create toxic habits such as checking your partner’s phone, keep calling them or get upset about every little thing.

When it comes to loyalty, it’s the foundation of any healthy relationship. Being faithful to each other through words, action and stay fully committed to loving them honestly and truthfully. yes, Sometimes it’s hard to find partners who can offer loyalty to us and others, we fail to do give our loyalty to others and that’s the primary reasons for many fail relationships around us.

Trust and loyalty


If you have found someone special and they can offer you all these elements unconditionally then you should also be dedicated to offer the same to your partner.