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Relationship Quiz – Is it Infatuation or Love for them? Take this Quiz to know.

There are so many emotions that exist around “LOVE” that it gets complicated sometimes to even understand how do we feel about our person. Are you also asking if is it infatuation or Love?

While infatuation can be super fun if those intense feelings are mutual but such feelings doesn’t sustain and are superficial. Whereas, falling for someone begins once you pass the infatuation stage. You love the actual person and not the ideal person you have formed in your head. Being in love is about being there for them, love them and support them, unconditionally.

Fortunately, Infatuation doesn’t know a thing about being in love. Can it be confusing to understand whether it’s love or infatuation? Sure, it can be because both are pretty strong emotions to feel but if you ask the right questions to yourself and answer them honestly, it can bring Clarity.

So let me ask those questions to you and find out what you have for them. If you desire to read more about “Being in love and what are the signs’ I recommend you to glance through this post.

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