Unconditional love
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How to express your Unconditional love to your partner in 6 different ways?

Unconditional love means giving without expecting, loving before being loved, understanding before being understood and compromising without making a sound. It’s a powerful yet very grounded emotion. love indeed change us but it’s true unconditional love that uplifts us. If your love for someone or generally for life is ever-flowing and can’t be affected by […]

Practicing Humility

How practising Humility can unlock inner powers? 4 vital reasons to do it.

Growing in life also means upgrading your vision to reach and connect with your higher self. As I explored the universe within, I encountered yet another fascinated concept of “Humility”. A quality when cultivated, evolve our perception, weakens our ego and brings peace and spirituality. Humility is the state of having low self-regard of oneself: […]