Complex personality meaning and traits

Complex Personality- Meaning & 7 Characteristics in deep and complex person.

There are a few primary factors that everyone should be aware to have a balanced life. For instance, Self- awareness, Self-care, Personality traits and a few more But what it means to have a complex personality? and what’s the opposite of it?

When it comes to nature, We all differ from each other. Many of us who are introverts and many are extrovert and then many of us who prefer a simplistic life. A routine to follow, few friends to have and a loving family and that’s also great, isn’t it?

The opposite of a simple person is a complex person. A complex person is someone who forms their own opinion on their understanding.  They are ordinarily a curious person and they fuel their curiosity too. They love to push their own boundaries for their betterment. On the other hand, A simple person is rather dependent on others and the outside environment. If their environment is positive, they feel good and energetic and vice versa.

Being a complex person is not something that you are born with rather it’s an upgrade if you work for it because when you start working on yourself and keep it up, You evolve your individuality and complexity.

So What are the traits of a complex person and why should we try to adapt them? let’s dive in.


Emotional Intelligence:

First of all, someone with a complex personality will have high emotional intelligence. Such people accept and experience their emotion with open arm and don’t let it frustrate them(unlike us). When it comes to handling other people’s emotion, they are great at empathizing with others. Since they are aware of all the emotions they go through, Its quite natural for them to understand someone’s else emotion and relate to them deeply.

They are not someone who feels (emotion) the least but who feels the most actually. I have briefly explained this subject in my recent post:


What is Emotional intelligence? Qualities and signs

Source of Happiness

As I briefly mentioned before, some people are dependent on their outer-environment for their happiness. If their ambience is negative, they would feel negative and if it’s positive, they would be positive and lively.

However, a person with a complex personality can create their own peace and not reliant on their surroundings. If they are going through a bad phase, they work on their inner environment to keep the negativity out to maintain their balance and serenity. They choose not to focus on unfavourable outcomes and prefer to contribute their energy in a positive thought process.

The thought of ” No one at your side” doesn’t scare such people because they always got their back and honestly, isn’t that amazing?



A Great Listener.

They LOVE to listen in a conversation and not just only just their friends or close people but usually everyone.  Learning and discovering new things fuels their fire inside. They are explorer but of a soul. They love asking questions since they are a highly curious personality and not just any random question junk but sensible and right question which you also desire to answer to.

In my experience, it’s an efficient way to win anybody’s heart and that’s also the reason why people trust them so easily and get comfortable around them. When you share your story or experience with someone, you get more attached to them and feel a deeper connection.

But also be careful not to entertain someone who only comes to you to seek attention and boost their ego. if you have a bad instinct about someone, accept and keep a distance.



This is not only a tag line for ‘ROMEDY NOW’ but also someone with a complex personality. They love to live their life and their partner are lucky to have them because they believe in expressing their love with an open spirit.

it’s a motto to live fully, love openly and laugh always. This teaches us not to take our life seriously. We can be a bit cruel on ourself and can stress the fuck out which start generating negative aura within ourself. Such unnecessary negativity not only affects us but people around us. let’s not do that anymore, ok?

Rather surround yourself with things that inspire you and make you love your life even more.



More Details Please.

whether it’s a detail about a person or any place, they are super intrigued.  Always craving for new details and information. They don’t care about flaws or imperfection rather they are more focused and grateful for new connection and experiences.  They are opportunist who believes that opportunity exists in careful details.


A Hardcore Learner

A complex personality push it’s boundaries through hard work and hunger for growth. You can always learn more and improve. After all, Being wise and mature is not an ultimate destiny and you have to constantly change with time to retain your qualities and spirit and that’s what they do ”Change with time through learning and growing.’

They are proud of their self-taught knowledge and learning experience.


Divine Aura.

To define aura-“As human beings, we radiate a very low level of electricity that’s otherwise known as an electromagnetic field,”

Now Imagine an aura which calms your down and make you comfortable and relaxed. You don’t feel intimidated or anxious around them. They can engage you in a conversation which brings out your personality and character and let you shine. They listen to you like they genuinely care for you. Instead of seeking attention, they love to devote attention.

Their Aura is the most beautiful part of their complex personality and you would never feel uncomfortable around them.



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