What is a Complex personality? 6 Qualities of a complex person we should adapt for healthy living.

There are a few qualities that everyone should be aware of to lead a balanced life. Self-awareness, Self-care, Gratitude, humility and complex personality is one of them But what it means to be a complex person? is it good to have a complex personality?

Human nature is so diverse because we are different from each other. People categorise us as Introverts, Extroverts or Ambiverts. Despite the categorization, some people wish to lead a simple life. A loving family, few genuine friends, or a suitable routine to follow and honestly, these things are enough to have a satisfying life.

A simple living for a simple person. The opposite of a simple person can be called a complex person. Someone who forms their own opinion as per their understanding. They are ordinarily a curious person and fuel their curiosity as well. They push their own boundaries because they can’t stand still and are self-reliant. On the other hand, A simple person is mostly dependent on others and the outside environment for their happiness and solutions.

Anyone can develop a complex personality by working on oneself. An upgrade to your higher self if you invest time in learning and practising the qualities of a complex person.

So What are the traits of a complex person and why should we try to adapt them? let’s dive in.

Emotional Intelligence:

Someone with a complex personality will have high emotional intelligence. They don’t try to control their emotions or resit them instead they learn how to manage their emotions.  They are compassionate people who can feel the pain of others and have self-compassion as well. To be good at managing emotions, we need to accept the emotions as they come. Until we stop neglecting how we feel, we can’t heal or move on.

A complex person is not someone who feels (emotion) the least but feels it the most. So let’s face our emotions and welcome them.

Source of Happiness

A complex personality can create happiness and a peaceful state of mind instead of relying on their surroundings. They are patient and grateful in their tough times. They choose not to focus on unfavourable outcomes by overthinking but prefer to invest their energy in a positive thought process.

Be mindful of “What genuinely makes you happy” because your source of happiness shouldn’t be toxic for you, such source could be a person, habit, specific environment, anything that’s not healthy for you, mentally and physically. If you do reflect and find a few toxic happiness, simply remove yourself from it, gradually.

It’s not so bad to rely on yourself and honestly speaking it’s quite liberating to be able to do that.

A Great Listener.

If someone is a great listener it’s because they learn by listening to others. Likewise, a complex personality LOVE to listen in conversations and not only of their friends or family but everyone.  Learning and exploring human natures fuels their fire of curiosity. They are explorer but of a soul. They love asking questions and not just random questions but meaningful, sensible questions that you would also love to answer.

it’s an effective way to charm anybody’s heart, which is another reason people trust them easily and get comfortable around them. When you share your stories with people and build the space for them to share their own, you build a deeper connection with them.

Let’s try to be a good listener by listening to understand and not to only reply. You would love it, I promise.

Loving & Living.

A complex person knows the value of the present moment, how It’s the only real place to create happiness, joy and the future we wish. that’s how they live their present- Consciously and by loving and appreciating every moment. They Love life and their partners are lucky to have’em because they express their love and make efforts without holding back.

The motto is to live fully, love openly and laugh openly. This reminds us not to take life seriously because we can be a bit cruel on ourselves by overthinking and stressing even though we can’t control it and that only creates negative energy inside us. Such unnecessary negativity not only affects us but people around us as well.

let’s not do that anymore, ok? rather surround yourself with things that inspire you and make you love your life even more.

A Hardcore Learner

Complex personality also pushes their boundaries through hard work and hunger for more growth. They turn their every experience into lessons, learning with time and implementing them. Likewise, You can always learn new things through your life experiences.  After all, Being wise and mature is not an ultimate destiny but it’s to be more adaptable in life and change with time and still retain your core qualities.

Remember, learning is not only limited to education but in other ways such as Reflecting, Experimenting and Evolving.

Divine Aura.

To define aura-“As human beings, we radiate a very low level of electricity that’s otherwise known as an electromagnetic field,”

The aura can be so powerful because it can calm you down, making you comfortable and relaxed in their company. You don’t feel intimidated or anxious around them. They engage you in conversations that bring out your personality and character, letting your light shine. They listen to you with genuine care. Instead of seeking attention, they love to devote attention.

Their energy is vibrant and peaceful. You would never feel uncomfortable around them. We are also fully capable to create such a beautiful aura for ourselves.