How to achieve self love

The art of self-love ! 5 Practices to achieve it.

“To love someone and to be loved” is the purpose for many of us, to share your love with someone But if you don’t have any self-love, what will you share? Self-love is the will to live better, making efforts by loving ourself thoroughly. Affection, care, time or support are not to give reserved only for partners or Family but for ourselves as well because you will not understand the value of true love until you love yourself, fully and unconditionally.

I guarantee one thing, There is no individual in-universe, who knows you better than you, period. You have spent your lifetime by being yourself, creating yourself and rebuilding yourself. Your happiness, weaknesses or strength, all lay within you and you can reach them. how?  Through Self-love, my friend.

Self-love is the seed you sow to grow as a person. All your purposes in life, your hearty relationships with yourself and others, it all starts by loving yourself first. When things get hard, we do tend to feel lonely and for some people, Loneliness is what they feel most of the time. Can we escape loneliness? how do we evolve without getting distracted by flashy things?


By creating and practising Self-love. is it achievable overnight? No, because great things take time but its process is wonderful from the very beginning. Here is my guide to achieve and practice self-love every day.


How many times do we neglect some emotion or truth only because it makes us uncomfortable or upset? Its time to stop doing that. Accept all the good qualities you possess and acknowledge all your imperfections. There isn’t a single human being without any flaws furthermore, Your flaws make you more human. I know my issues and I accept my flaws and weakness and I work hard to improve them. Do You?

Be transparent with yourself, accept and embrace how you feel. don’t hold anything inside of you, let it come and then let it go.


Cut Negativity 

Have you ever found yourself distracted in the middle of the day? ( I take that as a Yes) tensed and worried, even though its, not something you can solve right now, yet it invades your thoughts and brain. Such vain negative vibes can exhaust us until we cut them out. The source of your negative energy could be from an unhealthy relationship with your partner or toxic friendships which only weakens you. Whatever that source is, CUT IT OUT. Don’t convince yourself to still keep them in your life. You don’t need them and they are not your friend if they can’t make your life more enjoyable.

Besides, How good are they if they keep you stressed out?



Mind your Thoughts

Our brain is such a masterpiece. All great inventions and ideas started with just merely a thought and when sustained right, it became part of History. It’s crucial to mind your thoughts and actively shift our thoughts to a more productive and positive view. Your thoughts become your action and your action become eventually become part of your life.

If you think negative about yourself then that’s how you will feel from the inside. let’s Stop yourself from giving a negative pep talk( to yourself). Cut that, instead promote positive thoughts and ideas, then let your mind dwell on it. Produce positive energy by thinking positively today and every day until you won’t even have to put efforts to think positive, your subconscious mind will naturally do so. Don’t believe me? Try it



Embrace Kindness.

You are always kinder to others than to yourself (unless you are self-centred) ask yourself, How kind are you to yourself?

It’s essential to learn how to be kind to others, how to give without expecting anything and how to respect everyone equally.  It all falls under kindness. It makes you more sensible and grounded.

Next thing, ALWAYS Be kind to yourself. It’s okay if you made mistakes in past and for that, forgive yourself. Don’t dwell on your past events and mistakes because what’s done is done. Don’t criticize yourself for not being flawless, be patient and have gratitude for yourself. Remember, You are one of a kind and you know how cool that is? Only you get to be you, so go make that a great thing.



Show your crazy side.

We all are a little silly, little idiot yet still adorable and all these things happen when we don’t take ourself seriously. if anyone has told you to act sober and behave nicely in social gatherings? note my words, they are pretentious AF. Don’t listen to them instead, go scream on people’s face if that’s what you feel like doing. show your awkward dance moves or make those ugly faces without hesitation. Don’t let any person hold you back from being you and if anyone stops you, salute them with your middle finger and MOVE ON. Because being fake and submissive takes you nowhere, so be you, love yourself and show people how it’s done.

Thank you for reaching the end of the post and remember to love yourself.






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