we all love Wine

5 Reasons to Love Wine

Its October already in 2020. It’s about time to open those cabinets and fill our glasses with wine and sit next to the fireplace while the world is falling outside. what a dream.

But seriously whether its chilly winters or hot Cheetos summer, Wine live in all seasons. You get red wine, white wine, Vintage or non-vintage, whatever suits your personality.

I wasn’t aware of the difference between red wine or white wine, so here to the people like me


RED WINE –  During the production of red wine, the skin of grapes remain intact for the process of fermentation which gives the wine more dark colour and little different flavour than wine.


WHITE WINE– White wine, on the other hand, the skin of grapes get removed before fermentation, giving us more clear juice and a little sweet taste.

Here are pretty basic reasons why Wine always wins:


It’s Effortless

It’s EFFORTLESS. You do not need much to enjoy wine actually, the wine itself is enough. If you compare it with other drinks, for instance, whiskey, Vodka or gin, they all need a mixture, some ice and definitely a glass. With Wine? Just pick that bottle and start drinking. Sure those wine glasses are fancy, yet it’s still fun to drink from the bottle. You don’t need any ice and you sure don’t need any mixtures.

It’s indeed effortless.



Our own special sauce

What else can you do with Wine? Can you add it in your food? Hell Yeahhh!!!

Red or white, both are amazing option tot cook soup, stew, any sauce or braise. Using wine gives your dish great texture and sort of tangy taste. It intensifies the taste and enhances the aroma of the food. However, Be careful with the wine you choose for your food preparation. Only pick wines which you like to drink and not any cooking wines with bad taste.



Your Heart Loves it

Because of the fermentation process, a normal glass of red wine contains more 10 times more polyphenols than a glass of wine. Polyphenols have many potential health benefits and antioxidants. It not only helps to reduce the bad cholesterol but it also increases the level of ‘good cholesterol which tend to lower the risk of heart disease.

It’s also very important not to drink too much. Excessive of everything is harmful. 1-2 glasses per day are fine, more than that can risk your heart health.



It’s Classy.

Wines are all about acquired taste over time. It’s not about gulping your drink down to get drunk. Wine lovers love tasting different wines and developing that taste. You pour your wine not to chug it straight away but to swirl it and then take a good sniff out of your wine glass. Every sip can get affected by the percentage of oxygen is in your glass and at last, take a small sip to swirl it in your mouth.


A fruit to make you tipsy

Is wine a fruit? yes, it is. Its made with grapes and a lot of love. Since the grapes are key ingredients, it tastes so good and fruity as compared with vodka, tequila or anything. When you drink wine, it doesn’t get you sloshed, does it? Instead, it gets you high very slow and gentle. it doesn’t give you a headache as the other drinks do.

You remember the time when you trusted Vodka once, and the next thing you know, you are puking your guts everywhere and woke up with the worst hangover. You don’t remember? I can’t seem to forget that.

The point is, its always better than any other drinks and that is my friend we all love wine.





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