The essence of Meditation in life


Which is a Hebrew word meaning peace, prosperity and welfare to you. Just like this beautiful word, Meditation is a technique to achieve what shalom means, serenity for your mind and soul. The ultimate benefit that we gain from meditation is to disconnect your mind from unnecessary baggage that we hold onto, things we cannot control and all other elements in life which bring your spirit down.

Balance is everything in life, spiritually and physically; To separate your personal life issues from professional life and Vice versa. Meditation helps you to bring that balance. Its a practice to find your mental stability and free it from any chaos.

Often time we find ourself stressed, anxious, upset, lost and so many other any emotion that weigh us down. It creates a hindrance which stops us from being the best version of ourself.  We let those negative emotions absorb us and eventually feel exhausted and lost.

Firstly, It’s okay to feel that way. Its part of life to go through different ups and downs. Secondly, Its also our responsibility to lift ourselves from such a state. Our mind sometimes deals with very disturbing frequencies which disrupt our peace. It could be any news, your job, your relationship or your circumstances.




Mediation is a spiritual practice that aims to provide serenity, relaxation, mental clarity and improves concentration. It’s not only for someone who is stressed, frustrated or depressed but for anyone or everyone who wants to reach their higher-self.

When you start meditation, please do not expect yourself to sit for hours with a focused mind or an empty mind ( depends on your meditation type). That will take practice however what you can do is to make time for it first and follow it, find out what type of meditation suits you.

Here are some of the Basic meditation technique:


 Breathing Meditation

To practice this technique,

Lie down or sit comfortably. Use a cushion for your comfort if you like.

Try to keep your surrounding as quit as possible.

Close your eyes, for better relaxation, try eye cool mask.

Now simply breathe, without controlling it; simply breathe naturally.

Focus your attention to how your body moves with every breath. Listen to your breathing sound.

Observe how your chest, shoulder and your ribs are rising as you breathe.

If your mind wanders, return your attention to your breath.

This technique leads you to feel one’s stillness and existence all at once brings you the peace of mind and relaxation.


Mantra Meditation

Another Meditation technique involves chanting a mantra over and over.

Sit with your legs folded, spine erect and your eyes closed.

You can choose any mantra or word you want as long as you believe in the existence of the same word or mantra.

You can repeat that mantra in your mind while barely speaking it or can lightly whisper.

Focus all your attention to the vibration you feel when you chant the mantra, it leads you to experience a deeper level of awareness.

Repetition of mantra keeps your mind and thoughts focused and not let your mind wander off.


Focus Meditation

To practice this technique,

Take any object, it could be a picture, flower, a vase basically anything which stimulates or prompt your senses.

Put that object in front of you and divert all your attention to its detail.

Use your Vision and bring that object in your thoughts, imagine yourself touching that object, caressing it, smelling it.

This practice helps to deepen your focus while you pay attention.


It can take some time to reach a level where your mind is focused and in control. Do not get frustrated, Be patient with yourself, learn and evolve. I promise you Meditation provides you with a perspective, that changes your life forever in a better and positive way.


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