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Why to let go & Be thankful to wrong men in Relationship


In my life, it’s another beautiful day, in not so great world however free from toxic men. when I was younger, I dint even know what toxicity means. I thought the relationship has to be really bad to call it toxic. Now grown up, my perspective has changed a lot, simply because this generation changed a lot. 
You see, I am a 90s kid and still fascinated by old school love but living in 2020, a lot of things has changed, and sadly, it also changed love.
it’s not just men that can be toxic in your life but women, your friends, and family too. it’s important to call out toxic relationships. 
when you Love someone or you are seeing someone new and its early stages of dating, things can go anywhere from there. that same man could be the one you marry or that same man could make your life miserable, very very miserable.
Those men are more often, Fuckboys, toxic, and sometimes cowards. let me define you those descriptions:
Fuckboys – men who pretend to have feelings for women, or play along, just to get into their pants.
Toxic Men – they are the ones who will not let you go but will not treat you right either.
Coward Men – they are scared of commitments, relationships, Love and would rather lose you than to be a man.
I would not advise to date any of these men. they will clutter your head, keep you up at night, and will make you feel that you are not good enough. No women and I repeat, no women should feel that she is not good enough.
they will make you suffer, with their hot and cold personality. they will tell you how you are the only one, but still, fool around with other women.
they will make you feel bad for craving attention, affection and somehow will end up blaming you
however, if you have already dated them or dating them, what comes next is that while tolerating their bullshit, you will become intolerant to other people’s bullshit. you will be stronger than before and braver.
a stressed-out woman over these wrong men

Because of them, You will have a clear vision of what kind of men you don’t want to date. And most importantly, they will teach you how to stand up for yourself and say no because if you don’t, then there will be other men ready to drain you mentally and emotionally.
And boo, let me remind you, it’s not your goddamn job to fix him okay? because you will die trying to change him and he will still be the same. the only time he can ever change when he decides to change.No woman can change any man unless he wants to change.
Promise me something Darling, will you? whenever you see red flags in a man or notice few things about him which makes your gut instinct scream “DANGER”. you will not hoover around, just pack your bag and leave. 
I hope, all the women that have gone through these rough shit because of such men are doing Fantastic and have let go of their hate, anger, and misery against them. 
cuz you know what they say ” MEN AIN’T SHIT’.
Thank you for reaching the end of my post. I hope you liked it. I would love to hear from you personally. reach out to me in my mails, and I would love to help you out in love matters.
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