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Read A Book, Sir.

Someone or the other to start reading books, but if you aren’t a reader then this habit comes a little bit harder to adopt. for some people, reading is a habit you develop over a period of time but for some its instant love and cannot stop. from fantasy to young adult to biography, books come with thousands of choices. 

Find what inspires you the most and start reading about it. someone said, “knowledge only makes you wiser ” and we all agree to that. reading books broaden your mind, entertain you, and gives you a different perspective on life.

Create Your Opportunities.

In your mid-20s, the urge to make a change in your life is very substantial. we cannot wait for the opportunity to arrive at our doorstep. instead, its time to go out there, and build opportunities for ourselves. with appropriate knowledge and a plan of action, you could grab those opportunities. even if you fail in your attempts, it will still teach you a lesson that you will thank later for.
all I want to say “don’t wait for the opportunity to knock on your door” instead of creating an opportunity for someone out there to work with you. 

Lose the FOMO.

Well, I personally had FOMO(fear of missing out). when your friends or family, are having an exceptional time but you are indecisive whether to focus on the work in hand or to go out and join with them.
Firstly, friends and parties are fine but not when you want to focus on your life & career.
You have had your share of drunk nights and bad hangover and you nailed it. But everyone has to grow out of this phase to accomplish and fulfil your goals.
From my experience, when you’ll choose your work and career over drunk parties and holidays, You will be at peace and grow as a person which will bring you one step closer to success.

Make time for Yourself.

The Mid 20s is not About working all the time even though you hate your jobIt can seem like everything is important, especially when it comes to working and tasks. 
From time to time, Give yourself some space to evaluate your goals, your love life and professional, and most importantly spend time doing things you enjoyTaking care of yourself physically and mentally is important to be the best version of yourself.

KILL the Toxicity.

Aah! my favourite one. We all know, it’s not just men who could be toxic but also certain friendships, Family relationships, and sometimes even you. if you find your brain distracted thinking about someone, who is no good to you, its time to let go. 
The anxiety you feel in such a relationship can eat away at your emotional and physical health. all the friends who have never really been there when you needed them, its time to let go.
all the people who would rather judge your circumstances than to understand it? ITS TIME TO LET GO. toxicity has no place in our lives and definitely not in your mid-20s.

Dream big with your Vacation.

when someone gives you a gift, you love it don’t you? well, I certainly do. The same way, if you put hard work, and all efforts to reach your goal. its a must reward yourself. 
Plan for the holidays in a location where you always have wanted to go but failed because of some reason or another. The Mid 20s also include living your best life even harder isn’t it? don’t just settle with your holiday destinations but pick the best places to visit.

Stay Positive.

Every day is a new day and not all days are the same. somedays you will be over the moon and some will push you down and that’s okay darling.

When you put yourself out there in the real-world, rejection is a part of life. it’s very important not to take every failure, efforts to your heart instead try harder than ever. when you know yourself, respect yourself and appreciate yourself after accepting all your flaws, you are self-aware and the amount of love that will flow within you will always put you in a brighter and positive place.

THANK YOU guys for your time in this post. I would appreciate it if you have ideas or feedback that you would like to share with me.


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