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Personal favourite chick flick for every Women out there.

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how many movies have you seen that delighted you and made you all giggly and in love? we have N number of genres available in movies for our entertainment. from crime to suspense to animations, every genre is vibrant and very entertaining to its audience. I personally love thrillers and crime but as a woman, I want to talk about how exceptional and joyful chick-lit movies are.

NOW NOW, before you judge me all too soon, am not talking about chick lit where some girl is stupid and the guy is worse, exaggerating everything about love, they ruin movies by making it tacky and cheesy and we don’t like that of course.

but I am talking about the movies we saw and it was love at first sight. Their chemistry, Acting, and a story that fills the hole in our stomach that craves love, fairytale dust, and unicorn fart.

being a grown-up woman doesn’t mean we would love it any less. in fact, stand taller and be proud of your choices.

Here is my personal favourite compiled list of chick flick movies, a best friend of every woman.


 It’s a classic movie story taken from a book written by Jane Austen. we all love MR DARCY with dreamy eyes and frowning face. they have shown the Victorian era in this movie with our favourite love -Hate relationship between the leads. that couture, famous balls, and their dancing style will make you swoon. 


it’s old but still gold, just like all the other movies on my list. don’t you believe falling in love is more than what meets the eye? it’s about the heart to heart conversation, what you share common, things that make you different as an individual, the flaws. if your answer to any of those is Yes, then you should add this movie on your list already. most part of the movie, they are just talking and that’s the beauty of this movie. Before Sunrise series will inspire you of how love should be. it has 3 instalments that are Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight. YAYY!!!


you know what’s important than falling in love with someone, falling in love with yourself, your life, and your work. this movie is about young women, find their ways in real life and in society. what all we should care about (and not just boys cuz men ain’t shit)


another classic movie about a woman and her love for diamonds, luxurious lifestyle, and her determination to possibly find a rich husband. it teaches you how being independent comes with its own struggle but worth every bit of it. At some point in our life, we all would relate to her.


Who doesn’t Julia Roberts? even though its a beautiful love story between a star Julia Roberts and an ordinary man, Hugh Grant but this Gorgeous lady will get you all gooey and bubbly with her Acting and of course, Smile.


Again, who doesn’t love Julia Roberts? Another great movie about finding yourself through thick and thin. it’s never too late to meet yourself halfway and find all the things that make you….you.


it was a pretty obvious choice, isn’t it? from dreamy Ryan Gosling to bubbly  Rachel McAdams, the chemistry is still to this date is on fire. this movie never gets outdated and can be watched zillion times to feel good about love (even for a little while). keep tissue boxes handy because you will need them (every time).


if you haven’t seen this movie, jokes on you. 27 dresses are not just about different dresses but her expectations and her dreams that are tied with her dresses as well. if weddings sit on your soft spot. you should definitely watch this beautiful movie.


when I say chick flick, I definitely mean Legally Blonde. this movie shows the world not to judge anyone with their love of fashion and “being girly” is our strength and our brain has nothing to do with it. we could kick your butt and still look Glamorous with our pink purse and off pastel dress.


this one is exactly how the title goes “he is just not that into. this movie shows a guy’s perspective from a refreshing angle and well there aren’t many movies doing that. it’s a must movie for you and your girlfriend.

thank you for your time for this Post. I would love to hear from you that should be on this list and would like us to watch it. 

Not a gossip Girl.

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