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5 steps guide to strengthen Health and mind during pandemic.

Now if I ask how you holding up since the pandemic, I can understand what a whirlpool of stress it has been, feeling anxiety, uncertainty, has left our health and mind fatigue. Whether you are born in the 90s or a product of last year ( although you won’t be able to read ) but this pandemic struck us all. You might be working at home, at the office, or may not be working at all. what’s important is how well are you taking care of yourself, mentally and physically.

There are zillion things that we can’t control at the moment but a better mood, our state of mind, and the power of acceptance are still in our hands as they help you to be productive for the things that you CAN control. Getting a grip on yourself is the first step toward your achievement whether it’s professional or personal.   

I want you to nourish yourself to keep your mind calm and steady during this crisis and ultimately give you a better and clear picture of the things that matters to you the most( and which doesn’t). It definitely helped me and am hoping it does wonders for you too.
here are my 5 wisdom steps yet ultra basic which will help you to relax, unwind and elevate your self with positivity while being productive.



Now before you respond that you cannot and will not wake up early, hear me out. I don’t mean that you get up at 7 although kudos to you if you can, however, start your day at 11 AM or before. when you start your day at 12 pm or late, you already lost your grasp on the day itself, being lethargic and too late to start anything, making us care less for the day.
When you get up late, your day will control you, and not Vice Versa. Start your day early to feel energized and in control. reach the inspiration that’s hidden inside you. Go for a run, exercise and get some sunlight while you at it. You will feel more in charge of your day and will do better than just sleeping in.

Glowing skin? CHECK

An easy way to feel instantly better is by taking care of yourself, pampering your skin and your body. whether you are a man or woman, feeling good from inside and outside can do miracles for any gender. just don’t forget to cherish yourself.
In the morning, you may drink a glass of warm water with lemon or apple cider vinegar which helps in your digestion, skin and helps with your metabolism, a win-win.
Green tea in the morning or evening is another great alternative for health and physique.
At night, give your face and skin a delicious treat. clean it, exfoliate it, moisturize it or some aloe vera gel and definitely put some essential oil on your legs, butts, and anywhere where it’s too damn dry. VOILA, you are good to go.


Dark times can make you forget the things that you loved and enjoyed before. well, do you have a playlist that you love? well, turn that shit up cuz you better get back with it. studies show that listening to music can not only uplift your mood but regulate your emotion, reduce stress, and make you FEEL, and sometimes that’s all it matters. 

Take it as a form of meditation. don’t let your mind wander anywhere rather let yourself loose, enjoy yourself, and don’t forget to do your weird steps because I love them.



whenever you find yourself in a frustrating situation, lost or confused; leave everything because it’s time to take a walk. Walking not only helps you to maintain your weight but it can lighten your mood and improve your sleep plus it helps you to think more clearly with the rational mind.

Reasonably, if you can’t walk outside or around your house, try your terrace or balcony, basically any pavement which is secure enough for a stroll because it’s a great way to flush your anxiety and stress from your cluttered mind. Forget your problems of the past and future, mindfully pay attention to challenges standing in front of you to find a solution.


Research and Development

we all have heard this term in our office but how about we start researching our Dream and develop it, hun?. we all have a vision, how our future should be or what places to visit for vacation. All our dreams can be fulfilled with strategy and by taking risks. If you aren’t sure about your goal then pick something which excites you at the moment. If it’s a skill, then work your way to master that skill. what’s even more important than being productive is to love what you are doing. If you are enjoying the process, then it’s meant for you.

It’s the first yet significant step towards your goal and success. So make sure to break those barriers, work hard, love yourself, and even surprise yourself by going beyond your capabilities because there’s no boundary.
please share your opinion and feedback, will look forward to it.

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