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I hope you and your family are all well and fine. For the past few months, I have realised the true value of mental health, your own awareness, and your body’s vitality. Since I have started giving time for my self, I am more at peace, less stressed and smiling more to myself. the power in your wellbeing is immense.

Here are my Healthy tips for Wellbeing and awareness:

1. Drink plenty of water.

Either it’s your skin or your body issues, water can solve a lot of them, all you have to do is just drink it. sounds pretty easy right?. dehydration can cause skin disorder and even wrinkles so next time when you are drinking water, drink a little more eh?. from regulating body temperature to your digestive system. it works wonder.

2.Get Enough sleep.

when you work from home, you expect to at least complete your sleep every night but then life happens and Voila you are an owl. its time to fix your schedule, sleeping late not only disturb your following day but affect your energy level too. An average adult requires 8 hours of night sleep. Basically, your every day depends on your previous day’s sleep. Don’t mess that up.

3.Maintain your BMI.

BMI stands for body mass index. basically, your target body weight depends on your height, age, and gender. you can google your BMI range. It will show you the maximum weight and minimum weight. you don’t have to be a gym enthusiastic or a model to care for BMI. Every human should maintain their body weight to avoid a wide range of diseases. if you have proportionate weight, it gives you a boost of confidence and you feel good from inside out

4. Eat proportional Meal.

If you ask me, I believe you eat your food till you get full and probably can’t breathe because of all the stuffing in your tummy. Sadly, that’s not how it goes. The right way of eating any meal is to eat in a proportionate amount. It’s okay if you are not full, you need to satisfy your hunger. Eating slowly is another way to ensure that you intake right amount of food and will kill your hunger. this tip will change your life.

5.Work on your Stress.

Stress is a mood killer. it keeps you distracted, take a toll on your health, and keep your life pretty miserable. There are many ways to control and reduce stress and they all work in their own way. to relieve stress, you can

Talk to your Friend, family, or even can seek professional help. Meditation and yoga can do wonders on your body and mind. when you find yourself stressing too much in a particular moment, try Deep breathing for instant relief.

6.Small habits but big Change.

Small habits can cause a great impact on your day to day life.

try to brush your teeth twice a day.

Use sunscreen not only when you go out in a sun but at home to protect your skin from UV light.

Don’t skip your Breakfast.

and most importantly, Don’t smoke or at least try not to.

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