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5 Habits to improve our day for better health and mind in this pandemic.

Now if I ask how you holding up since the pandemic, I can understand what a whirlpool of stress it has been, feeling anxiety, uncertainty has left our health and mind affected. It’s adversity at its best because the pandemic has struck everyone. You might be working at home, at the office, or may not be working at all. Despite your schedule, it’s significantly important how well are you taking care of yourself, mentally and physically.

There are zillion things that we can’t control at the moment but a good mindset, gratitude, and the power of acceptance are still in our hands to be productive for the things that you CAN control. Making peace with the current circumstances is the first step toward your achievement whether it’s professional or personal.

I want you to nourish yourself to keep your mind calm and steady during this crisis and ultimately giving you a better and clear picture of the things that matters to you the most( and which doesn’t). These observations definitely helped me and am hoping they do wonders for you too.
5 habits yet ultra basic will help you to relax, unwind and elevate yourself with positivity while being productive.

1. Still, Sleeping?

Before you respond that you cannot and will not wake up early, hear me out. I don’t mean that you get up at 7 although kudos if you can, however, try to start your day at 10 AM or before because if you start your day at 12 pm or late, you already lost the grasp on your day. Listening to our lethargic energy and starting our day late will make us care even less for the day.

When you get up late, your day will control you, it should be the other way around. Start your day early to feel energized and in control of your present. Try to reach and tap in the inspiration that’s hidden inside you. Maybe Go for a run, exercising and get some sunlight while you at it. You will feel more in charge of your day and will do better than just sleeping in.

How can you wake up early? Simply by sleeping early. Don’t expect yourself to sleep late and still wake up early because it’s not possible. Turn off your phone and get some quality sleep to rise earlier than today.

2. Do I like Glowy Skin?

An easy way to feel better is by taking care of yourself and pampering your skin and body. Whether you are a man or woman, feeling good from the inside can do miracles for anyone. Especially during tough times, don’t forget to cherish yourself.

In the morning, try drinking a glass of warm water with lemon or apple cider vinegar, which helps with digestion to maintain our metabolism, a win-win. Green tea in the morning or evening is another great alternative for health and physique.

At night, take some time out to give your face and skin a delicious treat. Clean it, exfoliate it, moisturize it, any virgin oil on your legs, butts, and anywhere where it’s too damn dry. Just cherish yourself however you can.

3. I Sing for myself.

Dark times can make you forget the things that you loved and enjoyed. Well, do you have a playlist that you love? then blast that up cause you are getting back with it. Studies show, listening to music can not only uplift your mood but can regulate your emotion, reduce stress, and make you FEEL good and sometimes that’s all it matters.

Consider it as a form of meditation because that also requires pure focus on the sounds around you. Don’t let your mind wander anywhere and if it does, simply shift your focus back to your music. Let yourself loose and enjoy yourself, sing your heart out and don’t forget to do your weird dance because I think they are the coolest.

4. I don’t talk because I Walk.

Whenever you feel frustrated, disoriented or unsatisfied with life at any moment; leave everything because you need to take a walk because walking not only helps you to maintain weight goals but it clears your mind and lights the mood. Walking can flush out the negative thoughts and feelings, giving us a moment to think positive and cultivate them.

Reasonably, if you can’t walk outside or around your house, try your terrace or balcony, basically any pavement which is secure enough for a stroll because it’s a great way to deal with anxiety and stress from your cluttered mind. Forget your problems of the past and future, mindfully pay attention to challenges standing in front of you in the present moment.

5. Research and development for yourself.

Yes, it’s pretty much an office-related term but how about we apply that to ourselves by researching our Dream and develop it?
We all have a vision of how our future should be or which places to visit for vacation. All our dreams can be fulfilled with hard work, passion and by taking risks. If you aren’t sure about your goal then pick something which excites you in the present moment.
If it’s a skill you want to acquire, then work your way to master that skill. What’s more important than staying busy is to love what you are busy for. If you are enjoying the process, then it’s meant for you.
It’s the first yet significant step towards your goal and success. Make sure to break those barriers to work hard, love hard and even surprise yourself by going beyond your capabilities because there are no boundaries.
please share your opinion and feedback, looking forward to it.