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Why Relationships are Difficult Now ? 5 Reasons for fail relations

Why Relationships are failing these days?

Its 2020, technologies are easy and relationships are hard. yes, my friend that is the reality. So many of us didn’t even reach a relationship milestone with a few people. However, This wasn’t the case before. My parents got married once and they are happily together. No matter how great looking or striking personality you might have, dating can still make you miserable.

Its easier to be single now, then being in a relationship and good for you, don’t you let any human control you but we all want to be loved and it’s hard to find someone for yourself. Building a healthy relationship takes a lot of time and it still can break apart any moment.

So What are the reasons for so many failed relationship these days?

Is your relationship failing with your partner? and if so, then what can you do to save it? Let’s dive into it.


You have heard this word million times now( exaggerating I know ). Every other relationship is ending because they can’t trust their partner. Usually, people with trust issues have a traumatic past, where they have been cheated and now can’t trust their current partner OR some incident occurred between you too, and now it’s hard for them to trust you again.

Also, some partners are highly suspicious, perhaps they are possessive about you or overthink a lot. The point is it’s hard to overcome trust issues in relationships and many times become the reason to break up.


You can be happy in a relationship with your partner Before realizing that you both share the different belief and values. For Instance, You man doesn’t want to ever get married but you see marriage as an ultimate destiny, maybe nobody is wrong however such relation won’t last unless someone changes their mind.

Different beliefs also come from religions and cultural differences. If your partner belongs to other religion than yours, It could be an issue in the long term relationships. If you keep finding yourself arguing with your partner over a difference of opinions or perspective, Its because of your different beliefs.


Its 2020 and in this time, nobody wants to adjust easily. People would rather break up with their partner than to compromise a little. We all have become so strong-headed and independent that we hesitate before adjusting our time and routine for someone else. Its important in relations to make time for your partner, to stay loyal and eventually you would have to prioritize your partner’s happiness but some people will not budge. They want to do things according to their own time and mood.

Some people see adjustment as giving up and that where the relationship failed.


Compatibility simply means you enjoy each other’s company, work your way out and can have a good time. Your partner understands your viewpoint and shares similar views as well. However, when you are with someone opposite of you, Compatibility can be an issue in this case. For instance, If you are a quiet person generally but you chose a partner who likes to talk a lot, then it can be difficult for you to voice out all your feelings and issues and for that matter, your partner can become dominant on you.


People change over time and that includes your partner. You could be together with someone for 10 years and still after all those years, you might not see anything common with that man. Why? simply because you have outgrown them. If you are in the ’20s, your life changes a lot, you mould yourself to be the better version, to attain your goals. If your partner doesn’t grow out of phases in his life and get mature with time, you will start losing love for them and Vice Versa.

If you want to grow old with them, you need to grow together. Otherwise, love will fade away from your relation.