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7 types of Friendships to Avoid

Friendship is as beautiful as they say. Its colourful, joyful and it brightens your life. But not all friendship is the same. Every friendship brings a different attribute to your table. There will be people who can exhaust you emotionally and mentally and yes that’s possible in friendship. You can be an amazing friend and still have people in your circle who drains your energy. If you haven’t thought about it, well let’s talk about it now.

There are a few types of friendship is better to avoid. Let’s get into it.


We all have this friend. They can complain all-day all night, without breaking a sweat. You will hardly find them praising about anything. They always have a problem with their job, their house, their colleagues, their parents basically with everyone and everything.

Venting out once in a while is cool, That’s what friends are for however with their constant negative titter-tatter, it will exhaust you and you won’t even realize it. Underneath all that complains, lies a person who seeks attention and always wants to be the centre of attention.

Friends with No efforts

Why are you always reaching out to a few of your friends? Why only you constantly call them or even make a plan. They show no efforts or whatsoever. If they want to go shopping, You are there for them but if you want to go shopping or eat out somewhere nice, they ghost upon you.

Now I understand you might be a good person or they matter to you but the truth you are not their priority. Your time and efforts are important. Invest your time and energy into someone who treats you well and cares about your plans as well.


A very talkative personality I must say. Such friends love to brag bout themselves, their lifestyle, their contacts, basically, they can brag about anything. They spend most of their time showing off to people. Whatever that says, it might be a true or just pretence. It will be hard for you to count on them as a friend in hard times since they are flakey and live for others.

If you have a great story to share with your friends, they will have a more interesting story to tell and you can never win with them at this. Really how good are they your friends?


Do you know who’s their favourite?

They are their own favourite. They think they are superior to others and very defensive. Your life matters barely to them and you are their attention source. They are very good at imposing their thoughts on you. They are too pleased with their self-image to care about your point of view. Please do not expect empathy out of them.

The world is filled with all kinds of people, choose the right one.

Friends who chose their partner over you.

Where my girls at? Being a woman, I know how serious this point is. I always consider the possibility of any girlfriend of mine ditching me for their boyfriend. Now it’s not a hard and fast rule that you can never ditch your friend for their boyfriend/girlfriend even though that what phoebe Buffay says. However, if any of your friends always run to their partner and cancel plans with you, then its time to drop them. A friend who really cares put their friends above their partner.

Possessive one

They are the one who keeps telling you what to do and what not to do. Any time you want to do things in your own way, oh they will be mad. Maybe you have been friends for a long time, or they care about you so much but they have an excessive desire to control your life.

Yeah, you don’t need them. All friends of yours should give you enough space and not force their opinion on you.

The One with the Crush

Being friends with someone who likes you and even though you have friend-zoned them completely, they still have their hopes up. It’s not a good idea. No matter how hard you try, the other person will always get hurt.

Sure they give you extra attention, and they treat you like a queen but they aren’t your partner and you don’t feel the same for them. You can be great friends with each other but only for a while after that, we are just toxic to them and we are better than that right?

which one do you have? Do share and I would love to reply.

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