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5 Fun Ways to lose and maintain your Weight


You know what I was thinking today? why losing weight is so pain in the ass. The gym is all great and fine but its never going to be our favorite thing to do or atleast mine. Then you have the diet you must follow because dieting plays major role in your weight loss transformation.. life shouldn’t be that hard? especially on us? The good news is, its not.

I want to share some FUN ways to lose weight. If you wish, you can take these tips seriously or tread it lightly, anything that suits you.


Dancing is an art form in every country out there and you know the best part? you don’t have to be a dancer to Dance. just by doing some stupid moves, you can burn calories in a good number. If you are shy, take this as a practice session to impress your crush in a club(whenever they will open) and start dancing. It’s the same as jogging but BETTER.


For this point, you need to be a Non-Vegetarian.

Now, Dieting is very important when it comes to losing weight. Your dieting plan can make or break your plan for losing weight. Chicken or egg has a very high protein content, which plays a very important role in sustaining our muscles, furthermore, it’s lean meat which basically means it doesn’t have much fat.


The reason to eat wholesome food is to avoid eating processed food or minimalist process That would ensure to avoid added sugar and fake proteins. Wholesome food is filled with nutrient, natural sugar and it works wonders for weight loss and your digestion.


I understand eating vegetables is not so appealing but you can’t say the same about fruits. It is Delicious, good on your stomach, Very low on calories. From Mango, orange to Banana, grapes, watermelon. Fruits come with whole Range. Just by eating fruits, not only you lose weight but your skin starts glowing and your stomach is happy. it’s a WIN-WIN.


Its time to go outdoor you guys, I personally love Badminton to play outside. Playing is not just for kids but for adults too. It helps to reduce anxiety,improve relaxation and mood while burning a few calories.You can play with your sibling, family, boyfriend, anyone really. Choose any game and play it outside.

I assure you, all these ways that I have shared are pretty easy to follow, all you need to do is to put effort.